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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Qn: should a 'Charity' be so investment focused?

Qn: should a 'Charity' be so investment focused?

Specific to CHC, what kind of Church is it that requires so large a collection of assets just to perform it's simple role of 'the advancement of religion'. Does being in the 'heart of town' help much in the conduct of the 'the advancement of religion'? Perhaps CHC needs to convince Singaporeans about how it does serve public interest through its 'the advancement of religion' and why it deserves its 'Charity status' before it continues on its path of the Suntec $310M purchase.

Is the Suntec ctr going to house a massive library so that ALL would be invited to browse and borrow Christian/ other books? What are the guidelines and measurements by which CHC uses in its efforts in 'the advancement of religion'? Does CHC have good repute in its teachings amongst its peers?
If discord within CHC management should occur, would the fallout from infighting over $310M of 'orphaned' assets be 31times as violent as that seen in the PKMS fracas, in the center of town?
Pls convince us cos 'charity status' costs tax payers $$$, and the stability of the state might be at stake. Thanks.

- 'Charitable purposes can be classified into 4 main categories'
- [ST, 12Sept2009]Is this $10m site the reason behind the PKMS fracas?

City Harvest Church, as Appended from Singapore Charity Portal
Appended from Singapore Charity Portal, , [last accessed on 25Mar10.]

Name of Organisation: City Harvest Church
Contact Information
Name of Contact: Sandra Tan Tzai Yi, Telephone No: 67376266, Fax No: 67376166
Address: Blk/Hse No: 8 Street Name: Temasek Boulevard , Level No: 08, Unit No: 01, Building Name: to #08-05 Suntec Tower Three, SG 038988
Email Address:, Website Address:

Charity Status
UEN: S92SS0080D
Charity Regn Date: 16/10/1993
Type of Entity: Society
Date of Establishment 21/12/1992
IPC Status: Effective Date: -, Sector Administrator: CU

1. To propagate the Christian faith and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed through the holy scriptures by all means of communication, whether visual, verbal or written.

2. To provide for preaching, teaching and fostering the growth of the Christian religion in all places; to license and ordain ministers; to carry on the work of evangelism; to promote missionary work in all places; to carry on the organization of churches and foster their development and local sovereignty and independence according to this Constitution.

3. To build a Christ-centered congregation through the worship of God and by the strong preaching of the Word of God.

4. To encourage a fellowship of believers in a life of fervent prayer and systematic discipleship and the exercise of spiritual gifts.

5. To promote a ministry of evangelism for soul-winning and to be involved in missions by the sending out, receiving and training of missionaries and the planting of branch churches both in Singapore and overseas.

6. To make such investments, to acquire and hold by way of investment either in the name of the Church or in the name of any nominee (whether directly or indirectly) whether in debt or equity securities, real property, movable property or personal property as the Board of Directors may from time to time deem to be in the interests of the Church; and from such funds as the Board of Directors deems surplus to the normal operational needs of the Church, or such funds raised, set aside or designated by the Board of Directors for the purpose of such investments.

7. To take financing of any kind and to provide security in connection with any financing by any organization or person, as the Board of Directors deems
(a) appropriate in connection with or arising out of the Church's acquisition of any investments; or
(b) to be in the interests of the Church.

8. To give any guarantee, by mortgaging or charging the assets of the Church (present and future), the provision of any undertaking, or in any other manner, the performance of any obligations or commitments (including without limitation the payment of any monies) of any person or vehicle which relates to the investments made or to be made by the Church.

9. To do such other things which are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects, provided nothing shall be done solely for commercial reasons or solely for profit, the Church may:
a. Participate in international and inter-denominational Christian activities.
b. Establish and run a childcare and development center.
c. Establish educational, medical and social schemes and programs with a Christian emphasis.
d. Co-operate with other evangelical Christian groups for the carrying out of any of the above stated objectives.
e. Erect and maintain Church buildings, social halls, business offices, school buildings, recreation facilities, parsonages, and such other structures as are deemed necessary for the upkeep and continuance of the said buildings and facilities.
f. Collect, solicit and accept funds, gifts and other subscriptions; to hold in trust, use, mortgage, lease, sell or otherwise acquire or dispose of property, real or chattel, in keeping with the recited purpose of this Church, and it shall have and exercise all powers that are necessary or convenient to effect all of the purposes for which this Church is organized.

g. Provide for the welfare of the destitute, rehabilitation of drug addicts, delinquents and emotionally troubled persons.
10. To do all acts set out in the 3rd Schedule to the Companies Act [Cap 50], as at 31 March 2004.

Beneficial Area
No. of Beneficiaries:

Mission statement: To build a church with a strong spiritual atmosphere of faith and purity, where every member is released into ministry, discipled in the Great Commandment to obey the Great Commission.

Programs/Activities: Carrying of worship services and Christian events

Trustees/Board Members
Kong Hee, Goh Yong Shing Nicholas, Choong Tsih Ming, Chiang Pak Shane, Ong Tiong Sing Martin, Suraj, Lam Leng Hung John, Lee Tat Haur, Tan Ye Peng, Aries Santoso Zulkarnian

Key Employees/Executives/Volunteers
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