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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AsiaOne Forum censored words, time for review?

I just discovered that 'Wong K*an Seng' is an 'illegal word' that is automatically censored into '**** *** ****'; (You wouldn't even know what I'm talking about if not for the asterisk in the former).

This is quite a ridiculous precedence and I note is in play even in the 21Oct2008 1st thread post: 'Do Singaporeans REALLY REALLY REALLY felt it is "Singaporeans come first"? -'

If elections are to come and with the opposition gearing up for a fight, how can the PAP stand up to scrutiny if by choice or by consequence they continue to 'remain in the shadows'?

ST, Apr 12, 2010, Bigger contest welcome, By Amresh Gunasingham
THE growing visibility of opposition parties on the ground in constituencies and their intention to contest the next general election has been welcomed by Education Minister Ng Eng Hen.
He said this will allow Singaporeans to know what various parties are offering, what they stand for, how they are going improve estates, and how they are going to improve the lives of residents.
'This is what politics is about: How do you improve people's lives, what's your programme, what do you want to do and how you are going to do it,' he told reporters on the sidelines of a community event in Toa Payoh North.
'What does it mean? What is the cost and what is the trade-off? Because there are many good solutions, but there are always trade-offs.'
Dr Ng, an MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, was responding to questions about the interest expressed by two opposition parties to jointly contest the GRC in the next election, which is due by February 2012.
Potong Pasir MP Chiam See Tong, who leads the Singapore Democratic Alliance, and Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam visited part of the GRC on April 4 to gauge support for their possible bid.
Read the full story in Monday's edition of The Straits Times.
And den, just at post #5 of the same thread, appended as follows:
Originally Posted by Mark_2008 View Post
dibert, really like yr 3X REALLY!!
So, Wongg Kann Sengg -his name still on censor?! what ' going on,Asiaone?
Is he still wearing bullet "Proof" Bra ?
Complains that this censorship dates back 3 yrs prior to Nov2008.

So perhaps its time to lift this ban lest it adds to the number of complaints against the PAP as it encourages the opposition to gear up for the elections.

(FYI) I've just encountered the same problem with censorship in making my post: 'Re: Politics in Singapore has gone down the drain?'

AsiaOne forum :
13April2010: (Illegal words, time for review?)

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