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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Gahmen sir, Please scrap the COE system.

Hello, just my post from a similar thread at straits time viewable here.
Sorry for the 1st part but the message is cut - pasted wholesale, so U can see context, should be okay rite, comments welcomed.
Originally Posted by NYJC4 (typo corrected version) Taxis are public transport and should not be subject to the same limitations as private cars. If we want to have fewer cars on the road we should make public transport cheaper, and taxis are an important part of the public transport equation.
Ha ha, your argument so slippery wan. "we should make public transport cheaper" you really mean "we should make ***taxis*** cheaper" rite. Yes taxis are 'public' in that anyone can flag one down, but they are the most 'private' form of public tpst!
Raising taxi fares might push marginal car-buyers to drive rather than carry on with public transport, or delay scrapping their cars given that it is not cost-efficient to switch to taxis.

Perhaps a separet category could be established for taxis, about 250 COEs a month set aside for taxis. This number can come from the common pool or be on top of the quota, or split between the two.
One more category for taxis!!! So many restricted categories, will cause prices to fluctuate wildly, easier to speculate/ rig mkt. Anyway, taxis in Singapore looks like cars- so same same what.

Taxis are a much more efficient use of a vehicle than private cars and it is not fair or efficient to class them in the same category as private cars, at least as far as COEs are concerned.
Can explain in what way they are more efficient? Tell me that hybrid/ CNG taxis 'better' I can accept, but after having to breathe in diesel fumes of taxis both waiting and moving; energy efficient based on diesel specs maybe (it seems, dunno why) but pollutive DEFINITELY YES. I think that the best judge of efficiency is the passengers carried- to that I understand that trains (electric/ modern) beat everything else hands down.

That said, I think the only way forward is for the gov to promote cycling. Some skills, courtesy and coordination needed of course (otherwise like now- everyone not happy). Good for exercise, good for environment, good for pocket.

N govt if dares (after elections of course), as 'Straits Times (8 December 2009) - Do what's right, not what's popular: DPM', Mr Wong Kan Seng saying: "LEADERS must have the conviction to do what is right and not what is popular, even if it costs them political points"
Our well paid ministers should have the guts to RAISE ROAD TAXES ...

Actually my idea now is dis, the whole COE exercise is a sham one, quite unnecessary actually, just a good way to allow govt to receive 'instant windfall' but the problems now show how it significantly backfired with wild swings in COE prices- many people cry foul, many people get hurt. It's function all along MUST have been only a stop gap measure at most. Gharmen can collect income tax from workers rite, n Singaporeans don't need to buy work permit just to work... so why for cars? Becos govt dunno how to tweak road tax system? Because govt want instant COE windfall $? I dunno what to say.
What I know is dat traffic regulation is like ecosystem: many factors: more ppl cycle/ take bus/train= less cars, higher ERP, COE, road tax, petrol surcharge, parking charge etc has effect of the same. So I think tt road tax and COE has actually THE SAME FUNCTION- just govt wan find more ways to get quick money by inventing one more 'tax'. Remember the time OMV $ no cash refund?
In 2005, Singapore was the WORLD's 2nd HIGHEST car exporter - n this was becos of people scrapping cars like rain to retrieve residual COE values- I cannot imagine the waste of $ from that exercise. N dun bull me tt COE is necessary to make sure cars are <10yrs old/ that rate of growth of car population must be 1.5%/ year - all that can be controlled via existing 'devices', road tax regimes for the first, ERP, petrol taxes etc the second.
Have road tax can drive, no have road tax den cannot, whats so difficult? Money root of all evil in LTA policies.

So now I propose just REFUND EVERYONE THEIR pro-rata COE $$$ NOW. Then buy car NO NEED COE at all liao, but road tax (normal car and weekend car), parking, ERP, Fuel tax= all adjust accordingly. [dun forget the road building/ maintenance, policing, pub transport tax-exemptions, building of cycle tracks/ connectors etc that must go on concordantly]

U know why I write this, becos I think tt the world is waiting and watching out for stupid Singapore to again become worlds 2nd largest exporter of cars. The result of LTA 'band-aid policy'- stop gap measures all the way.

LTA cannot every day think wan to earn quick $$$, easy band aid solutions, must do work also mah, so COE concept has failed, so many people get hurt, buy car like go casino now same. I dun think PAP will let up on my idea cos the way they rule country now, their worth and credibility like casino betting like dat, no more then 50-50. Anyways, LTA CEO now new one, so still got chance, still got hope.

Anyways NYJC4, if its any consolation to you, you favorite limo taxi like cc>3000 one, pay COE only need buy small<1600cc one, so by latest rates, U get $11,500 'discount' liao, so gharmen 'good to you', otherwise just be like me, no car, got bicycle, happy liao.
What I want to know really is if SBS bus pay road taxes/ COE becos that is what I really consider 'public transport'.

After all, PM Lee says that: [ST: 03May2006] PM Lee says countries worldwide respect and admire Singapore's proven system

Thanks for your time, hope i haven't made too many enemies. Will wave when I see you.


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