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Monday, April 19, 2010

18April2010: Ionescu Interpol Notice withdrawn?

Someone said "cannot find" so I checked, n really cannot find anymore...
I always thought tt Romania should do the honors anyway...
Anyway, (pict right) is dated 18April2010: wanted by Singapore list.

For the original interpol notice (last accessed 13April2010), scroll down or view screen shot of notice here.

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
- ''
Singapore application to Interpol hits brick wall.
This notice has been posted to the following forums for discussion:
(Sboy forums)
Ionescu: I'm Not Interested in Coming Back to Sg!
Ionescu used embassy car in private capacity: MFA
Police issued internationa arrest warrant for Silviu Ionescu
Apr 9, 2010 Arrest warrant for Ionescu

19April2010: No immunity for Ionescu

19April 2010: Singapore issued Interpol warrant for Ionescu WITHDRAWN?

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