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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(10April2010) Ionescu a wanted man worldwide

Ionescu a wanted man worldwide
Romanian govt must ensure justice is served or there will be consequences for bilateral relations, says MFA
05:55 AM Apr 10, 2010, by Esther Ng

SINGAPORE - Romania's suspended diplomat Silviu Ionescu is now a wanted man around the world.

Singapore has issued a warrant of arrest against him and Interpol has put out a Red Notice - which seeks the arrest of wanted persons - to its 188 member countries, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

MFA officially informed the Romanian Ambassador, Mr Aurelian Neagu, of Interpol's Red Notice at a meeting on Friday during which it pointed out the gravity of the situation now in Romania's hands.

Romania has a "clear moral obligation" to ensure that "justice (is) served", said MFA.

For that to happen, Dr Ionescu must be persuaded to stand trial in Singapore and let the courts decide on his guilt or innocence - which is in Romania's interests because he has "seriously damaged Romania's international reputation", MFA told Mr Neagu.

While Romania cannot compel Dr Ionescu to return to Singapore, as there is no extradition treaty between the two countries - which is the position Romania has taken - MFA has warned that bilateral ties could suffer.

"MFA cautioned Ambassador Neagu that Romania should not underestimate the depth of feelings that had been aroused in Singapore over the case. Questions had been asked in Parliament," an MFA spokesman said after the meeting.

"The Romanian government must in its own interests ensure that justice was served and seen to be served. Otherwise, there would inevitably be consequences for bilateral relations."

Dr Ionescu was identified by a Coroner's Court as the driver of a black Audi that knocked down three pedestrians on Dec 15, of whom one died from his injuries. But he has since rubbished the findings in comments to the media.

MFA "lodged a strong protest" to Mr Neagu about these "inappropriate comments" on the integrity of Singapore's judicial system and the victims.

The ministry said Dr Ionescu"s comments were "callous in the extreme and showed an utter lack of remorse", which only further inflamed public feelings against Dr Ionescu and Romania.

While the Romanian government has distanced itself from his allegations, the MFA said it was "puzzling" that the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued to allow Dr Ionescu - who has not been dismissed from employment - to make these remarks.

Singapore called on the Romanian MFA to ensure that Dr Ionescu refrains from making any further "outrageous" statements.

Mr Neagu did inform Singapore's MFA that the Romanian Prosecutor's Office has started criminal investigations against Dr Ionescu on "homicide by negligence, leaving the scene of an accident and false statements".

Mr Neagu stressed that Romania would "cooperate fully" with Singapore as it conducts these investigations.

To this end, Singapore's MFA has agreed to set up a joint technical working group (JTWG) - which will comprise legal experts on both sides - to collate data and evidence, as had been proposed by Romania.

MFA stressed that the JTWG should be set up as soon as possible, and should start work by next month. However, if the Romanian side is ready to begin work earlier, Singapore would also do so.

Mr Neagu replied that the Romanian prosecutor was ready to fly to Singapore to meet his counterparts "at anytime - to which the MFA expressed its hope that specific dates would be proposed "without delay".

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