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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(10Apr2010) Romania's MFA gives its account

Romania's MFA gives its account
05:55 AM Apr 10, 2010
by Esther Ng

SINGAPORE - For weeks, since the former Charges' d'Affaires of the Romanian Embassy here returned home, what Singaporeans knew about the Romanian government's actions in the matter was that it had suspended and charged Dr Silvio Ionescu, and that it had requested more information from Singapore as the case was referred to its Prosecutor's Office.
Now, more details have been revealed, including about a series of correspondence between the two countries. The Romanian Ambassador to Singapore Aurelian Neagu said on Friday, Dr Ionescu was formally charged on Feb 2 by the Romanian Prosecutor's Office for "manslaughter, fleeing the scene of an accident and false statements".

He was suspended from his duties as a result of this.

The communication department of Romania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also released a statement - shortly before Mr Neagu's meeting with Singapore's MFA on Friday - listing the actions the Romanian authorities had taken.

Romania's MFA made a request on Jan 5 to the Prosecutor's Office attached to the country's Supreme Court to investigate the accident Dr Ionescu was linked to. A criminal file was opened the next day.

Three weeks later, the Romanian MFA confirmed with Singapore that its judicial authorities can investigate, judge and convict Romanian citizens for crimes perpetrated abroad. But there were differences in the timeline provided by Romania and the account given by Singapore's MFA.

While the Romanian MFA said the country's Minister of Justice put in a request on Feb 11 for an "international rogatory commission", or joint working technical group (JTWG), to look into the details of the case, Singapore's MFA said the proposal was only conveyed to Singapore on March 8.

The Romanian MFA also said that while its new Charge d'Affaires here had received a number of documents during the coroner's inquiry into the death of Mr Tong Kok Wai, he did not think they represented an official response by Singapore to Romania's request for more details.

Singapore's MFA explained to Mr Neagu on Friday that it was not possible to have formed the JTWG, which will collate such details, sooner than March 31 - which was when the Coroner gave his findings.

Singapore could not "prejudge the outcome of the Coroner's Inquiry and the subsequent decision by our Attorney-General's Chambers to prefer charges against Dr Ionescu", an MFA spokesman said after the meeting.

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Timeline of events
Jan 6, 2010: Romanian Prosecutor’s Office opens criminal file on the hit-and-run accident.
Jan 11 Romania requests for data on the accident from Singapore via Interpol channels.
Feb 2 Silviu Ionescu formally indicted by the Romanian Prosecutor’s Office. He is suspended from duties at Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs until the investigation ends.
Feb 11 Romania’s Justice Minister asks Singapore to set up a joint commission on the case. Singapore says the proposal was made in letter dated Feb 24 and conveyed to the Republic only on March 8.
March 3 to 10 Romanian Embassy’s ChargĂ© d’Affaires receives documents during Coroner’s Inquiry but did not consider them as official responses to Romania’s Justice Minister.
April 9 Romanian Secretary of State for Global Affairs, Mr Doru Costei, welcomes Singapore’s agreement to set up the joint technical working group, adding that Romania is working to send a team here soon.

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