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Monday, April 19, 2010

9April2010, CNA: Arrest warrant issued, Interpol on red alert against Silviu Ionescu

Title:Arrest warrant issued, Interpol on red alert against Silviu Ionescu
Date:09 April 2010 1708 hrs (SST)
SINGAPORE: The Singapore government has issued a Warrant of Arrest against Dr Silviu Ionescu over a deadly hit-and-run accident, while Interpol issued a Red Notice against the former Romanian charge d'affaires.

Last month, the Coroner's Inquiry held in Singapore ruled that Dr Ionescu was the driver of the car that hit three pedestrians on December 15 last year. One person died.

Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Friday met Mr Aurelian Neagu, the Romanian Ambassador to Singapore, who is based in Tokyo.

MFA said Mr Neagu was officially informed of the findings of the Coroner's Inquiry and the charges preferred by the Singapore Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) against Dr Silviu Ionescu.

He was also officially informed that a Warrant of Arrest had been issued against Dr Ionescu and that Interpol had issued a Red Notice against him.

A Red Notice means the warrant can be circulated in member countries, with the request that the wanted person be arrested with a view to extradition.

Singapore's Foreign Ministry told Mr Neagu that Singapore understood Romania cannot compel Dr Ionescu to return to the Republic as there was no Extradition Treaty between the two countries.

Still, the ministry stressed that the Romanian government had a clear moral obligation to persuade Dr Ionescu to come back to Singapore to stand trial.

It said this was in Romania's own interests as Dr Ionescu had seriously damaged Romania's international reputation.

Mr Neagu informed MFA that the Romanian Prosecutor's Office had started criminal investigations against Dr Ionescu on February 2 on "homicide by negligence, leaving the scene of an accident and false statements".

These are similar to the charges which the ACG had prepared against Dr Ionescu.

Ambassador Neagu stressed that Romania was committed to seeing justice done.

The Ambassador explained that Romania would need to conduct its own investigations against Dr Ionescu in accordance with Romanian law.

He assured MFA that Romania would continue to cooperate fully with Singapore on the matter, and abide by the law and international procedures in dealing with this case.

MFA thanked Mr Neagu for his assurances of Romania's commitment, and reiterated that Singapore would cooperate with Romania to the fullest extent possible under Singapore's law to see that justice is served.

Singapore told Mr Neagu that it has agreed to Romania's request to set up a Joint Commission, which will comprise legal experts from both sides, who will share evidence.

They could start work by May.

The Singapore Foreign Ministry cautioned Mr Neagu that Romania should not underestimate the depth of feelings that had been aroused in Singapore over the case.

It continued to say that the Romanian government must, in its own interests, ensure justice is served. Otherwise, there would inevitably be consequences for bilateral relations.

- CNA/yb

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