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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Response to 'Hourly rates not only for vice'

For 'good measure', dis is my heartfelt response:
Hourly rates not only for vice
Letter from Tang Li
05:55 AM Apr 30, 2010
I WAS quite amused to read Soh Ah Yuen's letter, "Are hotel hourly rates necessary?" (April 28).
The writer seems to believe that hourly rates at hotels are a major cause of social ills and banning them will somehow make Singapore a better place. However, if one understands the dynamics of Singapore, one would realise that hourly rates at budget hotels do provide a necessary social service.
Mmm, social service is a positive word, part of the "many helping hands approach" I suppose?...

First, let's be clear that while hourly rates may be used for sexual activity, that's not always the case.
There are people working the late shift and in a city that hopes to develop a more vibrant "night life", the hourly rates at budget hotels provide an alternative resting place to people who work late - like musicians, waitresses and others in the entertainment industry.
Most such people I know check into backpackers hostels, the rates are cheap, the company fun, all artsy/ with a love for adventure, and time for hanky panky whatsoever, at least not in 'expensive' Singapore.
Best thing is, when U put something into the hostel fridge and return for it, U find that it has now often become something else!!! So lives on the magic...

Some people in this industry, through the course of their work, drink heavily.
Some work for establishments that do not provide a transport service that takes them home.
If U drink so heavily, U won't last long, n I really doubt You'll be able to make it to the inn in one piece either. U are safer off sleeping in your car or on the streets. If U cannot afford the night bus/ taxi fare home, U are unlikely to be able to afford ANY decent hotel services either. Please take the bus home and get some proper rest, dreaming is best conducted in the safety of your own bed.

There are those who drive. Surely it is better for people in these situations to have a place to sober up before they drive home than to place them in situations where they feel it's necessary to drive when under the influence of alcohol?
N drive to your favorite hotel? WTF, what if they dun have hourly rates, den get back behind the wheel n drive some more?- hoping U make it home??? U shouldn't be colluding with the behaviors of a now notorious Romanian diplomat Dr Ionescu who knocked down 3 pedestrians on his way home in drunken stupor.

And not all sexual activities that go on in such establishments are between prostitutes and clients.
There are unmarried couples who use these hotels because they don't have privacy in their own homes.
Do it properly, get a room with a view, romanticize on the balcony whilst U contemplate your marriage, honeymoon and eternity. If U are the rough and tough budget type, go C4, grab $20 tent, pitch it at East Coast park n u're in business, even starting your date with a romantic tandem bicycle ride, then iced beer by the sea, the plan is yours to decide, U are what u plan to be.
Clean and freshen up facility is open and free 24/7, ditto Changi beach. No need to hurry, no hourly rates, just need some effort with free camp permit booking via internet/ AXS stations. AFAIK, parking is free too.
If it's true love, you'll got the distance, why not?- N these are decent activities are btw conducted in days, not hours.

Having budget hotels that charge by the hour provide these couples with a safe and private environment to engage in a private act between consenting adults.
Ditto the above, I repeat, these decent activities are conducted in days, not hours. Of all marriages made in heaven, none are based on 'shot-gun' foundation.

This then leads to the question of "vice". Prostitution is not a pleasant business. However, it has been around for as long as Singapore has.
So have war, drugs and every other criminality in human history.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew admits in his biography that prostitution is an industry that is impossible to ban and it is better to have it in the open than driven underground.
Or hor, if untrue, dis is certainly slander, if true, den we must all discuss our "Mascot's" POV, is it dated or the prelude to our downfall. Does it devalue society. U can make it election issue if U wan, I'll vote on it if I can.
Thanks to his pragmatism, Singapore has avoided many of the social ills associated with the business.
U into dis fishy business also? Prostitution without social ills..., humph, I'm listening.
Or U an addicted patron in deep denial. Or your lifelihood depends on this 'fringe' activity.

We may not like some of the activities that take place in budget hotels but they do provide society with a necessary outlet for certain activities.
The acceptable, few and far between. There is time and place for needs that u have just described. Hotels or backpacker's inns, the Parks are free 24/7; Singapore is a small place, there are certainly no reasons for any in-between.
So, let's be practical and leave budget hotels as they are and to charge as they please.
Sorry, dis is clean and green Singapore, those with finesse, pay by the day. Those who like the great outdoors, do it by the open sea.
Those who "do as they please", these are the morons of our society.

Your turn now to respond.
Have a nice day.
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