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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Budget Hotel Hourly Rates- I say BAN.

Actually, just scrap the hourly hotel rate altogether, those who want affordable rest, stay in backpacker hostel cheaper, per day $<40pax , sleep and bathe, share TV all U want, nobody watching, nobody care. If U wan to have luxury of 'hotel' den must pay FULL DAY rates.

If U cannot even afford Hostel den U shouldn't be coming here/ alternatively just sleep on airport sofa- the Eyjafjallajokull volcano 'victims' survived days at Changi Airport, so can U. So not correct say no choice wat. Ditto for the hotel, if cannot 'make it' with daily rates, den U ought to review your market research, maybe 'en-block', become hostel/ residential/ shopping/ office/ warehouse is the way to go. After all if U claim clientele ish coming for 'studies'/ convention, den either way U still earn: cheap rates so they dun mind pay full day use 1/2. Everyone like dat, so focused on 'good work productivity' den U should sell by volume, via cheap rates all year round and still profit some more. If by sheer demand U find that U cannot cope- den u can raise room rates and plan for retirement lor.
Sorry for the digression, me looking for job in hotel management .

Banning hourly rates makes society more stable- less neighborhood complaints, everybody happy (MPs more time relak jack). Moral of story, no free lunch here ok, hotels and their clientele must pay for the luxury they wan to enjoy, cannot have cake and eat it. If customer volume high budget low, open 'backpackers hostel' lah- more beds, cheaper rooms, earn by volume as I said. For mata mata/ SCDF check= easy, one look can tell no hanky panky, girl wan room, boy the other, ditto the toilets like parliament house like dat, everything clean and organized, they check until cannot be bothered to check again.
A hotel is NOT a brothel, and should never be mistaken for one.
Dis is Singapore, we are totally focused on total defense.
We are not in the business of operating ANY brother activities.
Thanks for your kind cooperation.

Hourly rates not only for vice
Letter from Tang Li
05:55 AM Apr 30, 2010
I WAS quite amused to read Soh Ah Yuen's letter, "Are hotel hourly rates necessary?" (April 28).
The writer seems to believe that hourly rates at hotels are a major cause of social ills and banning them will somehow make Singapore a better place. However, if one understands the dynamics of Singapore, one would realise that hourly rates at budget hotels do provide a necessary social service.

First, let's be clear that while hourly rates may be used for sexual activity, that's not always the case.
There are people working the late shift and in a city that hopes to develop a more vibrant "night life", the hourly rates at budget hotels provide an alternative resting place to people who work late - like musicians, waitresses and others in the entertainment industry.

Some people in this industry, through the course of their work, drink heavily.
Some work for establishments that do not provide a transport service that takes them home.

There are those who drive. Surely it is better for people in these situations to have a place to sober up before they drive home than to place them in situations where they feel it's necessary to drive when under the influence of alcohol?
And not all sexual activities that go on in such establishments are between prostitutes and clients.

There are unmarried couples who use these hotels because they don't have privacy in their own homes.
Having budget hotels that charge by the hour provide these couples with a safe and private environment to engage in a private act between consenting adults.

This then leads to the question of "vice". Prostitution is not a pleasant business. However, it has been around for as long as Singapore has.
Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew admits in his biography that prostitution is an industry that is impossible to ban and it is better to have it in the open than driven underground.
Thanks to his pragmatism, Singapore has avoided many of the social ills associated with the business.

We may not like some of the activities that take place in budget hotels but they do provide society with a necessary outlet for certain activities.
So, let's be practical and leave budget hotels as they are and to charge as they please.
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