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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reply to: 'TDYonline19May2010': ''Progress being made in Ionescu prosecution''

My response to [TDYonline19May2010]: 'Progress being made in Ionescu prosecution'
If Mr G Yeo really wants to speed things up, he'd just pick up the phone and give his Romanian counterpart, Mr Teodor Baconschi a telephone call/ email and the 2 settle how to bring Ionescu to justice.
Tell or dun tell us everything about the 'secret plan' never mind, as we trust Mr Yeo and will all be able to see 'progress' through regularly updating news reports.
 What we are just waiting to hear is some sense of ownership by a Minister, "Our officers are doing their job and both Mr Teodor Baconschi and myself are monitoring the progress of the Ionescu issue"
Otherwise, the rest is just wayang show, including 'original scenes' like:
- Romanian 'love letters' dated 11Feb, received only 8March2010 by SG MFA- [TDYonline10Apr2010] 'Romania's MFA gives its account'
- Interpol red notice, put on then take off, thanks to Interpol 'rubber stamp courier services ltd' due to SG's 'undiplomatic' use of A39.2.
- Ionescu appealing to 'wrong court' against a 'suspended' Interpol notice- see 7May: 'Bid to stop arrest fails'.
- Ionescu making wild allegations to press until his getting '29days detention', (to keep him from helping the press sell newspapers maybe).
- Romanian Investigators having 'waited their turn' for possibly>100days- till after SG coroner ceremoniously pronounced Ionescu as responsible for the accidents along with envoy-from-Singapore's scheduled visit- [ST16May2010]: 'Romania welcomes envoy'.
- The (Romanian) investigators now being delayed in getting "clearance 'on their side'"etc- [TDYonline19May2010]: 'Progress being made in Ionescu prosecution

Are all just a 'wayang' just a waste of time if there is no one really coordinating- and mutually embarrassing publicly.
After almost 43 years of mutual relations, our Ministers cannot 'face' each other except by 'coincidence' whilst waiting waiting for an audience with Pope Benedict at St Peter's Square in 21Apr2010?

Please lah, the only person around enjoying all this 'attention' must be Ionescu himself as he seeks more loopholes in the mutual effort of the Sovereigns to make his appeals to various courts.

And maybe the 'Pope' himself whose 'great demand' was cause of the 'delay' - which resulted in the miraculous meeting between ministers- without which the 2 might have never met nor spoken.

Please read my [11May2010] forum article: 'The book of law should be read in spirit, from front to back and not vice versa'
And other posts in this thread. (Those by 'Trousers Press' are misleading if not vulgar- so do be warned).

I say,
"If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out.
To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it"~ Mother Teresa

Bic Cherry

- Mother Teresa Quotes:
- [TDYonline10Apr2010] 'Romania's MFA gives its account': "(Romanian ) Minister of Justice put in a request on Feb 11 for an "international rogatory commission"... to look into the details of the case, Singapore's MFA said the proposal was only conveyed to Singapore on March 8"
- [,8April2010]: 'International search warrant for Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu': "România and Singapore established on 30 May 1967, diplomatic relations.."
- [TDYonline23April2010]: 'A chance meeting at the Vatican'
- [ST,7May2010]: 'Bid to stop arrest fails': "The Bucharest Court of Appeals on Thursday overruled his request, deeming it inadmissible but said he could still appeal to the High Court of Justice".
- [CNA,8May2010]: 'Ionescu detained for questioning by Romanian authorities'
- [SGforums, 11 May2010]: 'The book of law should be read in spirit, from front to back and not vice versa'
- [ST16May2010]: 'Romania welcomes envoy': "Singapore invited Romanian investigators to the republic... over a month ago. It appointed Mr Nayar to go to Romania when the European country was unable to finalise dates for the visit".
- [TDYonline19May2010]: 'Progress being made in Ionescu prosecution
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