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Saturday, May 8, 2010

AP:'Romanian former diplomat to Singapore detained over allegation of hit and run death'

AP: 'Romanian former diplomat to Singapore detained over allegation of hit and run death'

By The Associated Press (CP) – 8May2010
BUCHAREST, Romania — A former Romanian diplomat has been detained in Bucharest on charges that he killed a person in a hit-and-run accident while on duty in Singapore.
A Bucharest court will rule on whether Silviu Ionescu, a former attache at the Romanian Embassy in Singapore will be held for 29 days pending trial.

Authorities in Singapore have accused Ionescu of killing one person and injuring two others in December. Ionescu claimed he was not driving and that the embassy vehicle had been stolen. He returned to Romania shortly after the accident. He has been relieved of his diplomatic post.
An investigation was launched in January, and Romanian prosecutors questioned Ionescu on Friday. Singapore is seeking his extradition.
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Ha ha Gotcha Dr Ionescu, with your detention in Bucharest for "29days", U don't need to go the the "European Court for Human Rights" anymore cos it won't make any difference cos U safe in Romanian govt custody for the next "29days", the Interpol notice has been suspended anyway since/ prior to 18April2010.
But seriously, SG should work things out with Romania ASAP, beginning with the withdrawal of the Interpol notice as I alluded to before.

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