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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Response to 'Just turned 50' over at the REACH discussion corner

Hi, my Response to 'Just turned 50' over at the REACH discussion corner [link]:
Hi, 'Just turned 50' (I am a Guest)

@'Just turned 50' : 20/05/2010 3:17 PM: "BC is suggesting, by his fine interpretion of the VCDR, that the Singapore Government response in this case is inappropriate !"
- Thank you for your positive response to my article. Indeed, all would be 'very well' if the sovereigns could be as such, revering of the law and interpreting it correctly.
- Your exclamation at the end of your sentence, unfortunately betrays 2 facts> that despite understanding my reasoning behind the FP (first post)- i.e. 'The book of law should be read in spirit, from front to back and not vice versa' @source: , U are unable to accept the 'truth'.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "by those statements, you are suggesting that our Singapore responses is wrong".
- Yes, by my understanding of what is spirit of the VCDR, the Singapore response based upon A39.2 indeed misplaced if not undiplomatic- and U are welcomed to rebut me on the substance of my interpretation of A39.2 as cf A31.1, 4 as I'd previously alluded to in my FP/ message 'The book of law should be read in spirit, from front to back and not vice versa' @
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "What our government did was to step up pressure,when diplomatic third party notes and the recalling of their embassador for consultation clearly did not have the desired results. Until that interpol notice was issued, the Romanian responses have been all talks but no action".
- As I also later responded to [TDYonline19May2010]: 'Progress being made in Ionescu prosecution', found at , "If Mr G Yeo really wants to speed things up, he'd just pick up the phone and give his Romanian counterpart, Mr Teodor Baconschi a telephone call/ email and the 2 settle how to bring Ionescu to justice."
- the failure of the Romanian ambassador to conclude the Ionescu case is thus no excuse for the flagrantly 'undiplomatic' use of A39.2 by SG- the remnants of which (a 'suspended' Interpol notice) remain a spanner in the works of cementing mutual relations, not to mention the currently important Ionescu saga at hand.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "If this was to happen in Indonesia or Malaysia, there would have been demonstration in the streets already!"
- U recall PM Lee's 2006 election message: 'PM Lee says countries worldwide respect and admire Singapore's proven system'?- If U are proud to be SGporean, den please stop comparing yourself to your neighbors. If U have a mind of your own, you'd study the problem and suggest viable solutions and not just support PAP 'lock-stock-barrel'. Then again, it is perhaps your job around these forums to defend PAP at all cost, by 'fair or foul', U have my sympathies.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "To answer to the citizen of Singapore, and to entrench our position within the nations of the world, our government will have to consider breaking of diplomatic relation if all else failed."
- Does the present situation indeed require the "breaking of relations"? The latest news I see is that [ST22May2010]"SINGAPORE'S special envoy to Romania has ended his visit to the country, and is convinced that its officials are doing their bit to ensure that suspended diplomat Silviu Ionescu is brought to book".
- If U indeed support our gov, please stop your nonsensical posts as its people like U who pressure the govt by saying " our government will have to consider breaking of diplomatic relation if all else failed"- why are U talking about "all else has failed" when there is evidently progress being made, are U a warmonger?
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: " We of course will not appreciate this outcome, "
- Just plain rhetoric to make yourself look good, whilst defending the indefensible that is.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "therefore the interpol notice and bringing the case to EU attention is what we call application of international pressures".
- International pressure? U have no leg to stand on with your twisted and undiplomatic use of A39.2- one with no leg to stand on such that by 18April, 'Ionescu' was off the interpol list, after what I understand was Romanian protest- off the Interpol website that is.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "Remember Michael Fay from the USA ? If we cane him, notwithstanding the personel appeal of a US president, and the very strong US media pressure at that time, how can we let this scrumbag get away hiding under the perceived immunity of this VCDR."
- Michael Fay wasn't a diplomat dear, so your comparison is obtuse to say the least.
- "perceived immunity of this VCDR" - this is thus a wrong assumption (my FP has already explained).
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "By the way, Israel send out hit teams when they could not touch the organiser of terrorist actions against their country, by legal channel. The CIA and the former KGB plus a host of many other countries are known to have employed hit squads.That is an example of the phase "by HOOK or by CROOK". What options that our government have exercise so far, are all well within the norms of diplomatic recourses!"
- U have no qualms about appearing good by comparing yourself to the worst tyrants of humanity, I really do hope that your shamefully inadequate views do not represent that of the SG government/ PAP.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "I have read somewhere that a very similiiar accident happened in Romania some years ago, and the US diplomat involved, got away scot free. Now if we were to let this 'drunk, womaniser,liar and coward get away, that will be an excellent example of '2 wrongs does not make it right'."
- Won't comment about the 'US diplomat accident in Romania' as I don't have the full facts about the final outcome as yet.
- Whilst the effort to bring Ionescu to justice is commendable, the immediate use of such 'undiplomatic' methods isn't. I have already alluded to in my first post what, in the spirit of the VCDR, that protocol ought to be, so please do read it again.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "Singapore is just 1 little dot in the world ! Time and again, we have to stand up to greater nations then Romania, like the USA and China, when necessary (always ensuring that we are on sound and reasonable grounds)".
- Just accept it that this time, either a mistake was made, or clarification omitted- despite our efforts to "always ensuring that we are on sound and reasonable grounds"- could it be the 'jackpot syndrome' on discovering A39.2, or the stress of the coming elections, I dunno? Just hope that overcome the 'puzzlement', stop bickering and cooperate in the spirit of the VCDR.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "That is why we are able to command the respect of the world and consistently punched way, way above our weight in the world of geo-political plays!"
- Say what U may, that's your right of free speech but please just remember that its oft said that 'pride comes before fall'
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: "Dear BC, please think through your case again."
- Thanks for the invite, it's been responded to accordingly.
@'Just turned 50':21/05/2010 3:49 PM: " Thanks for your birthday greeting ! "
- Just hoping that as u grow older, U get wiser too.
Its not healthy to wear 'rose tinted' glasses all of the time.

Do have a nice day,

I say,
"If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out.
To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it"~ Mother Teresa
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