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Friday, January 7, 2011

Re: 'PM Lee: Singapore strives to look out for less successful '

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PM Lee contributes commentary to Bloomberg on the yuan reevaluation and the consequences of shutting out competition. -myp
Here is the link (A1 team shorthanded?!!!):
PM Lee: Singapore strives to look out for less successful

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He must be kidding! Helping Singaporeans? By opening the floodgates to let in millions of FWs/FTs to take over our jobs and lowering our wages is helping Singaporeans. What hypocrisy this is. ... [snip]...
He is probably an Anarcho-capitalist in control a state trying to forward his profiteering motives.

He is the highest paid leader in the world because he tags his salary [pict chart] to the most aggressive MNC CEOs, lawyers, bankers, accountants of the land [ST pict].

That is why he cannot stand any opposition in parliament and is trying to use the NCMP scheme to import coat-tail opposition MPs into parliament (he wants everyone to ride on his coat tail- as his ego so dictates).

Besides admittedly exploiting the hyper inflated GRC system of elections (one extremely susceptible to gerrymandering) to allow new PAP MPs into parliament on the coat-tails of Ministers, the civil service is hijacked to become an implement furthering the spirit of partisan political oligarchy- it must consists of either weak or lazy civil servants totally pliant to the whims and fancies of the political elite with no sense of respect for the roles and responsibilities of elected opposition MPs as grass roots leaders [see link1: (LTK response), Link2(G Giam response)].

Already the Singapore parliament is a Unicameral one- a form of legislature "common in Communist states", which like the PAP, do not accept opposition legislative contribution- simply because they cannot face up to the fact that poor people exists.
'PM Lee says countries worldwide respect and admire Singapore's proven system' [CNA:03May2006] by GDP maybe, but where elections are concerned, the Singapore electoral system is comparable to that of Cameroon, Chad and Djibouti (circa. 2004):
  • Unicameralism [wiki]: Unicameral legislatures are also common in Communist states such as the People's Republic of China and Cuba. Similarly, many formerly Communist states, such as Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia, have retained their unicameral legislatures, though others, such as Russia and Poland, adopted bicameral legislatures after the fall of Communism.
  • Multicameralism [Wiki] Many modern parliaments and congresses adopt a multicameral (usually bicameral) structure (among the best-known being the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the United States Congress) to provide multiple perspectives and a form of separation of powers within the legislature.
  • Party Block Vote (PBV) aka GRC system of elections:Under Party Block Vote, unlike FPTP, there are multi-member districts. Voters have a single vote, and choose between party lists of candidates rather than between individuals. The party which wins most votes takes all the seats in the district, and its entire list of candidates is duly elected. As in FPTP, there is no requirement for the winner to have an absolute majority of the votes. As of 2004, PBV was used as the only system or the major component of the system in four countries—Cameroon, Chad, Djibouti and Singapore.
So really, PM Lee having tagged your salary to the highest paid Anarcho-capitalist (CEOs) in town, please tidy up the GRC system of elections (use the NCMP scheme NOT for coat-tail opposition members but to truly keep up the numbers of minority MPs in parliament) and ensure that in all GRCs, 1 in 3 MPs is a minority candidate so that like in the 1988GE, the GRC system of elections met its core objectives with the majority of parliamentary seats remaining UN-disrupted by the GRC system of elections- to convince us that through showing your willingness towards accepting 'multiple perspectives', you do indeed "look out for less successful" and so convince us that your definition leadership isn't about "spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?"
Singapore politics needs more than rallies for the next lap, it needs planned and organized political debates on live TV with the invitation to participate and the discussed topics of debate pre-published on REACH and the event series aired live on TV. Political rallies of shouting, inducements and threats are passe. Leaders must be men of substance and not just form, capable of debate and never loosing focus on the poorest of the poor.
I thank you for your kind interest and keen attention.

Regards and best wishes to all Singaporeans.
Majulah Singapura.
Love all,

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