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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Re: Dishonesty wins, integrity loses.

Re: Dishonesty wins, integrity loses.

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Jan 7, 2011
Dishonesty wins, integrity loses
LAST week, while driving to work, my car was hit from behind at the junction of Jurong West Avenue 1 and Corporation Road. The rear of my beige Toyota Vios was hit by a dark blue Peugeot van....
I was naive and did not anticipate the driver distorting the truth to reduce his liability. With only his word against mine and no statement from independent witnesses, it is likely that I will have to withdraw the claim and pay the full amount of $1,358 myself. ..
This lady ought to slug it out w the cunning van driver who'd changed his story, if she is truly innocent, by getting a good lawyer's advice.
  1. Revise again your highway code.
  2. Consult good lawyer for advice on how to proceed.
  3. Try every means to get witnesses.
  4. W lawyers advice call him up and negotiate settlement, telling him how upset you are with his changing his story- but don't get angry or he may get defensive. (from now on, tape each and every phone conversation U have w this sleazy monster)
  5. If he won't answer phone, SMS a message of the same effect, telling him U are doing so in his interest- to reduce legal cost which in the eventuality of him loosing a court case, that he will have total liability for; not to mention criminal liability for a false accident report/ claim (false declaration) and even careless driving.
  6. Be compassionate always.
  7. In future, install a dashboard camera, so that in the event of such accident, the camera would show that it wasn't you who'd caused the accident.
  8. Lastly, I think that if U do have a long and clean driving record, chances of a successful civil suite are high as in the balance of all probabilities, it was him hitting you from behind due to failure to stop in time before a road junction. The onus is on him to prove that it was you who'd hit him, which without evidence, is a weak defense by any measure.
Innocent victims of traffic accidents should always state their case and stay the course. This is the only way to teach these slimy irresponsible road menaces that rhyme and reason rules the day.

Hope you succeed in exorcising this nasty road leech of his slimy and lying streak.

- 'Two fights won against false accident claims': "A MOTORIST here has won a two year-long fight against what appears to be a fraudulent accident claim. .. an attempt to pin the blame for a fender bender on him and to file insurance claims of over $14,000 against him." [A1, 06Jun2010]


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