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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The crazy, lopsided laws of Singapore?...

As in the example I've come across: okay to loiter INSIDE polling station but not 200m circumference outside... (See nice Pict below).

Like saying, against the law to molest a woman, but if U rape her, than nothing in the law to make it a crime.

Logic: it is criminal to molest OUTSIDE of the woman, but if U cause DEEPER hurt (destroy the inside): the law doesn't care (cannot see) since mostly rape happens behind closed doors/ dark bushes etc.

Is Singapore law written in such a lopsided way as to protect the rich, powerful/ well connected?

Why is the police chasing after 'licensed' protesters WITHIN Hong Lim park when it isapparent that neither H3 protest permit nor YMCA event permit specified nor demarcated prior to the event day, which side of the tiny park were to be demarcated for 2 concurrent events when there is only one permanent stage available in the tiny park: thus making a squabble over whom should get access to the sheltered stage fixture an expected outcome.

Why does the police/ AGC allow the Mobile Air/ Jover Chew saga to go on for so long and so many to be scammed in the name of the law (leveraging on 'contract law' to scam unsuspecting victims). Why are cheats like Yang Yin granted employment pass and also PR status: both facilitating his attainment of power of attorney over an elderly Singaporean's $40million in assets based upon forged receipts numbering hundreds???!!!

If Singapore laws and the AGC do not strive to uphold justice, then who is in-charge???!!!

(Pict source)

It is sad to see that in Singapore, the law/ administration is so often being misused/ manipulated towards/ supporting criminal misdeeds...

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