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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not all revolutions are bad, good examples are 'dime a dozen' too.

Originally Posted by Xanadu
Source (PF): Communism vs Democracy (Unite): the ball is at President Xi JinPing's feet.
From a few thousand years of history we know that (resistance, or in this time political) movements do not lead to a better future... have often led to an empire, slavery or war.
Communism and democracy are not the solutions, neither a unification or combination of both.
The solution is non-political independence from the system (especially on energy, because it's a fundament of nature), as individual or as family or with some friends, never in mass (but many people can work on the same idea as individuals)
People are part of nature, so the answer can be found in nature.
Politics or a revolution or a revolutionary movement are going to hurt your future and that of Hong Kong (some older Hong Kong people said that you must stop the Umbrella revolt and go back to work, which is half the solution. The solution is stop any revolution or political struggle, and work for yourself (try to become independent and self sustained on the fundamental things a family needs, you can keep your current job until you have a small buisness running) 
Politics is not the language of the people (people are influenced by politics for a long time), it is used by persons that are seeking control and power over people.
Hello, I am from Singapore, NOT Hong Kong although both are Chinese majority countries (or part thereof). Fact is, humans are all part of societies and how society is ruled/ organised is promised much on the particulars of such political control/ governance: e.g. democracy, communism, colony, federation etc: each title highlighting a unique system/ relationship, itself highlighting that unique relationship between rulers and the ruled.

Integrity of rulers or the electorate (democracy) is essential for a country to operate optimally and peaceful revolutions e.g. Ghandi, Nelson Mandela etc have achieved improvements in citizen's lives by eradicating colonialism or apartheid rule respectively. The people's power movement in the Philippines toppled the corrupt Marcos administration and has perhaps installed progressively more honest leaders ever since: it remains work in progress however.

So I conclude that it is integrity, wisdom and steadfast commitment to the good of fellow men that drives such peaceful and productive revolutions towards the creation of a more robust, peaceful and happy societies that give all a fair/ good chance at a happy/ productive life.

HKG students want real universal suffrage because that will give poor Hong Kong some leverage in obtaining the social benefits that they have been deprived of and now badly need to survive. Already, a sizeable number of Hong Kong citizens, for lack of public housing, are victims of rent-seeking rich landlords: have to settle for subhuman existance living in cage-homes (Pict as appended): when a large % of the population views communist China as aggravating if not fueling wealth divides, one cannot fault them for associating the Xi JinPing administration with inhumanity if not greed and bias. Thus the people's insistence on universal suffrage: I.e. the real right to vote for the majority interest.

"Where home is a metal cage: How tens of thousands of Hong Kong's poorest are forced to live in 6ft by 2ft rabbit hutches"

The selfish current China endorsed HKG leadership has treated the HKG poor like 'nature': I.e. wild animals who deserve to stay in cramped and dirty cages: I thus do not totally blame them for occupying (camping enmasse@) the CBD and other main HKG streets in protest to obtain the universal sufferage (fresh air): that they had originally been promised of to begin with.

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