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Friday, July 11, 2014

The physiologic role of same sex couples in rescuing abandoned foetuses/ children from harm.

Same sex relationship may at times have useful physiological functions: e.g. to help bring up orphaned/ abandoned kids?

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Consequent to the fame of "And Tango Makes Three" whose 'noterity'stems from a ban by NLB, I decide to check out the non-fiction story of Roy and Silo (born 1987): male chinstrap penguins the main protagonists of the book "And Tango Makes Three". "They were noted by staff at the zoo in 1998 to be performing mating rituals, although no actual sexual acts were witnessed, and in 1999 attempted to hatch a rock as if it were an egg. This inspired zoo keepers to give them an egg fromanother pair of penguins who could not hatch it, resulting in the couple raising a chick which was named Tango."

I am thus persuaded to wonder if the 'homosexuality'* that the penguins portrayed were natural instincts developed to rescue abandoned eggs/chicks from irresponsible/ hype-reproductive heterosexual parents. Most penguin couples I know can only incubate one egg at a time: it gets confusing when there are egg twins. (With the 'unwanted' usually being just abandoned for dead).

This form of infantile homosexuality/ cohabitation of a NON-SEXUAL nature (just as kindergarten kids hold hands, share and love each other) is probably a natural developmental process with variations in-between (e.g. prolonged homosexuality of Roy and Silo to bring up an abandoned penguin egg): but which ended subsequently once their contribution to penguin society was complete.

I thus conclude that if cohabitation has any physiological purpose, it is to fill the gap left by heterosexual parents UNABLE to perform their rightful duties either due to handicapped or malice (e.g.: lust for quikie sex but do not want kids) and a repository of love/relationship as a precursor to finding an ideal partner of the opposite sex just a single sex schools improve focus on an ideal by excepting the BGR distraction from school work during a student's junior years. Or NSmen have same sex (male buddies) assigned during NS sleep in the same room or on 2 levels of a double decker bed. Or 2 same-sex foreign talents in Singapore share the same rental room due to rental $$$affordability reasons.

In accordance with current Singapore laws and also Abrahamic/ Christian abhorrence for homosexual sex, I also abhor 'carnal knowledge' between same sex individuals.

However, in so far as the lack of love by heterosexual couples as manifest by the high abortion rate in Singapore goes (10,000 foetus p.a./ 1/4 of ALL local pregnancies), I believe that same sex couples (as does everyone else) do have a BIG part to play where the rescue of abandoned foetus and children is concerned.

Of course a strong measure of supervision is necessary for such adoption/ fostering schemes to work (especially for same sex couples with zero child rearing experience), however, in view of the shrinking local population and the paradoxically stratospheric abortion rate in Singapore, I believe that the need to rescue abandoned foetuses/children from harm is urgent of not desperate.

If those who happen to cohabit also have the heart to save another human life, who is society to criticise???!!!

'homosexuality'* within the context of this essay STRICTLY DEFINED as a cohabitation type relationship between same sex individuals WITHOUT any elements of carnal knowledge/ homosexual sexual-activity being involved.

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