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Friday, July 11, 2014

Term: 'Homosexuality': is current terminology blurred???!!!

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A1= The physiologic role of same sex couples in rescuing abandoned foetuses/ children from harm.
i agreed some gays are more details in thinking and helpful, but we mustn't generalize it as a good character across the board ...i also seen gays who are inconsistent in emotion, feeling was hurt very easily and reacted in extreme manner
without generalizing further, i can only say, most gay, not everyone ar, most gay are slim for good reason, do you know why ?
because if they are fat, it means they have to s.hit a lot ....!!
Guess the whole problem is that TERMINOLOGY IS ALL VERY VERY BLUR!!!###!!!
Firstly, the stupid Christian Taleban (uneducated sort) just likes to shotgun everything including cohabitation which is totally innocent in so far that same gender sexual relations are not involved as in the case of "And Tango Makes Three": a factual report of a zoo incident. This only obsfucates/ distracts the biblical abhorrences against homosexual sexual relations by blurring the focus which the homosexual movement then exploits (just as the devil did in tempting Adam and Eve in garden of Eden: e.g.: " but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”").

The lack of clarity about whether homosexuality actually included sexual relations or is it just mere cohabitation (without sex intercourse) needs to be clarified: which the Christian Taleban is obviously inept to do.

This arises ALL THE CONFUSION and distress today as just as we have the ISIS doing extremist stuff in Iraq, we have the Christian Taleban brainless fanatics here making an nuisance of themselves (banning NLB nonfiction kids books).

God made man with 2 ears but only one mouth. I hope that people will use their God given ears first to hear the cries of >10,000 aborted Singapore foetuses p.a. rather than banning nonfiction library books, the latter being the easy way out.

Even the word 'gay': what does it mean? Some have sex, others don't: so differentiation is important. I hate those who have anus sex, spread HIV and end up costing the state lots of $$$ to treat their problems, however, for those just cohabiting for life phase/ practical/ economic/ occupational reasons, I have no objections. But all $inkies are NSmen too, so please, no holding same gender hands in public/ feminine makeup/dressings please (sends wrong message to neighbouring states (the last are unbiblical)).

BTW: kindly refrain from discussion about toilet/dietary habits of people, gays/ otherwise (which isn't the focus of discussion here).

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