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Friday, July 11, 2014

People who don't study bible correctly/regularly are easily taken in by devious Christian Taleban schemes.

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Re (A1): The physiologic role of same sex couples in rescuing abandoned foetuses/ children
@ BC
Same sex people living together is not frown by people. Our hospital also put them together and if the reason why NLB banned those books is because of that, then hospital, army camp all also will follow suit. When it cross the line and have sex like poking backside or sucking coc.k, this is what the majority frown on.
A lot of abortion is due to one night stand and bf and gf who are not married. At that time, what they want is sex and not produce children. You can say its irresponsible but then they are young and still not fully know what they do is wrong. I think for the girl especially, the abortion will haunt her for life when she see children and think her child today would be this big, or that big, or go army, get married, and she think about the one she murdered.
Whilst I am more/less Christian (believe in following Jesus Christ example will bring good karma (like God / sit @ right hand of Jesus/God... blah blah, u go read yourself)), I am very upset with these Christian Taleban for going overboard and ban this ban that like crazy jihad just to fan their own lustful egos that is scarred cos they are too distracted to even understand what Jesus Christ said correctly.
Indeed, curbing the high abortion rate is a much more urgent/ nobel cause than banning NLB children's story books... reeks of the 1500AD middle/dark ages of corrupted Catholic priest who abused their authority to corruptly selling "indulgences" to steal $$$ from parishioners to fuel their own corrupted child molesting lifestyles before Martin Luther started the protestant reformation (by distributing bibles freely when once pte bible ownership was rulled illegal by corrupt bishops/priest) and put a sharp end to the corrupted church's devious nonsense.

Always the problem of greed and corruption, both in church and outside.

As far as I am concerned, I think the high abortion rate is much more serious than same gender cohabiting since we indeed do it in hospitals (gender separate wards, gender separate toilets, gender separate army bunks, schools etc etc): so long as same gendersexual relations (sex with same gender) is not promoted/ advertised, I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH SAME GENDER COHABITATION in so far that it might reduce abortion rates and perhaps HIV rates (don't have anal/unprotected sex).

Yes, I support retaining section 377A that forbids anus sexual intercourse; however, to assume that ALL same gender cohabitations inevitably result in anus sexual intercourse/relations or worry that "And Tango Makes Three" will corrupt children's minds can only be a superstitious rumour perpetuated by the Christian Taleban unable to manage issues in an honourable/sincere way.

That is why I think that the Christian Taleban(/ other misguided religious fanaticism) is a very dangerous thing and why real people of the book should always be wary of these wolves in sheep clothing who want to ban this and ban that to show off their powers and create a theocratic state which is actually a devious scheme to promote themselves as theocratic dictators to satisfy their own power hungry greed.

John Tetzel: John Tetzel is famous (infamous?) for arousing the ire of Martin Luther by his outrageous claims for the sale of Catholic indulgences.

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