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Friday, July 11, 2014

Extremism from theological misguidance/ misinterpretation should have ZERO acceptance in Singapore.

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Re (A1): The physiologic role of same sex couples in rescuing abandoned foetuses/ children
Hello BiteACherry....Are you here to promote a gay cause again....We had enough of these lah....we need more pro family stories not another gender bender pls......
Those books are already B.A.N.N.E.D. so pls leave it as that instead of regurgitating the materials wan MDA to ban asiaone is it
I am actually AGAINST HOMOSERXUALITY if it means having sexual relations with same gender. However, I think cohabiting/ same gender relationship is fine as long as it is of a non-sexual nature. In SAF we have same sex buddy whom we protect with our lives, FT have same sex room mate to save on rental costs, single sex school never see a kid of opposite sex around etc: all usual by society standards: that is why I think the penguins book should NOT be removed since it is a natural thing for same sex to work on mgood projects together in so far that the project is socially appropriate/ good (e.g. rescue orphans, run orphanage etc etc). What is bad is anal intercourse with its inherent high fish of HIV/ AIDS.

Christians/ Muslim shouldn't be so paranoid as to ban a book on penguins doing good just because they have phobia of same sex relations: to do so would be throwing baby out with the bath water.

I also do regular bible study and attend Church, and aside from the sin of homosexual sexual relations, there is ABSOLUTERLY ZERO restriction of same gender cohabitating provided it serves a socially good purpose (SAF/ FT tenants/ FW in gender specific dorm/ nunnery-monastry segregation etc etc).

Banning the said book in totality from library shelves is setting a dangerous precedence in religious paranoia, oppressive propaganda. Perhaps placing it amongst the adult section might be a mutually acceptable idea so that adult guidance might be more likely available if some Singaporeans are indeed so phobic/paranoid.
Unfortunately, the total ban on "And Tango Makes Three" shows either the incompetence of NLB at establishing consensus amongst opposing parties, or else means that some Christians/ Muslims are adopting Taliban tactics to have things their way: a dangerous precedence for all with the commission of a more considered and nuanced understanding that cohabitation and simple role play DOES NOT EQUAL HOMOSEXUAL SEXUAL RELATIONS.

I have NEVER promoted a gay a gender and have consistently abhorred homosexual sexual relations, however the paranoia extending to cohabitation smirks of extremism and to me is going too far (corrupted/ revisionist theology: I.e SIN).
what remains MORE TRAGIC than the misplaced paranoia against same gender cohabitation is the shocking number of abortions conducted in Singapore (>10,000 p.a.): in that regard, the religious paranoia against cohabitation has only served to WORSEN this sad situation, a proof of SINNING that all these misguided religious fanatics/ extremist who purposely MISINTERPRET the bible will eventually have to answer to God/Allah for.

PS: I have not actually read "And Tango Makes Three" personally, however, the synopsis of the story in Wikipedia shows the 2 male penguins behaviours/ cohabitation to be a total normal, physiological and moral stage of their lives: the outcome being girl-penguin Tango, which apart from the loving contribution of her 2 adoptive fathers, would have never saw the light of day.

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