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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The financial polarization within SG society cannot be good for the long term stability of SG.

The financial polarization within SG society cannot be good for the long term stability of SG.

Is singaporean really that poor?
ok , lets ask ourself here.
I noticed many singaporean keep complaining don;t have enough money.
foods is expensive.
but yet quite alot able to afford go hoilday , eat at fine resturants , buy car or change new model.
I can sense our problem just like china?
in fact this problem happen in all cities in every countries.
one group of people enjoy good lifestyle whereas another group of people dream about it?
Dear 'Mr Obama' (sham version), pls look at it this way:
'Countries with the Biggest Gaps Btw Rich and Poor', by Bruce Einhorn, 16Oct2009: Businessweek: "No. 2 Singapore-.. Ratio of income or expenditure, share of top 10% to lowest 10%: 17.7".

With an income difference 2nd worst in the world to HKG's 17.8, and with little in terms of berth between; and HKG already taking drastic measures such as minimum wage schemes 'Hong Kong agrees to minimum wage as billionaires' wealth soars', Jan 06, 2011, is SG doing enough to maintain the social compact or would it take civil disobedience on a massive scale either locally [Egypt- Arab] or imported [Tunisia- Italy] be needed for major reforms in political leadership?

Point is, the financial polarization within SG society cannot be a good thing for the long term stability of Singapore.

And neither should we try to impose our 'god of wealth' [wiki: link] to our neighboring countries, there is already racial and religious swirling around, we don't need to add to this toxic mix by adding to it the problems of a financially polarized society.

- 'Egypt protests spread across the Arab world': "Anti-government protesters clashed with police, demanding political reform and better governance... Vexed by water and electricity shortages and bad civic amenities, hundreds of Iraqis took out a rally and warned the government to 'take lessons from Egypt and Tunisia'. " [AP, 14Feb2011]
- 'Italy struggles with Tunisia influx': "Italy is struggling to cope with a flood of refugees escaping political upheaval in Tunisia, with around 6,000 crossing the sea to the tiny island of Lampedusa in the last week." [Al Jazeera 14Feb2011]
- 'Mah Bow Tan, the God of Wealth?': "Like most town centres, there is this arch where on it they will put the MP’s photo, which in this case is Mr MBT. So, nothing surprising there. But what’s striking is that right behind (actually about 20 metres) the arch stood this huge statue of the God of Wealth." [TOC, 14Feb2010]

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