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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Response to 'vyoldman': Re: I served NS, but now I'm Stateless

Re: I served NS, but now I'm Stateless - 9Nov2010, 05:54 PM

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Can you believe that someone who is a non-Singaporean was conscripted to SAF?! Where is the process of filtering??...
Hi 'vyoldman', whilst there's no mention about Mr Ogawa's status prior to NS, but having most of his schooling years in SG and occupying the same HDB flat with his mom after they'd returned from Japan, his enlistment into NS after his 'N'-levels, I'd think its should be safe to assume that he was a 'PR' then. Mr Ogawa was then given SG Citizenship in June 2008 after serving 1yr of NS, he completed his 2yr NSF stint in June 2009.

In June 2008, Mr Ogawa a holder of Jap citizenship, was award SG citizenship (the SG one conditional upon renewal before his 22nd birthday on 31Aug2010 through participation in an Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty ceremony prior).

On July 15, 2010, Mr Ogawa renounced his Japanese citizenship at the Embassy of Japan in return for a letter stating that "a letter stating that the renunciation is being processed".

In his confusion about the requirements of his citizenship renewal prior to his 22nd birthday due to his omission in reading the full terms and conditions of his citizenship in addition to some alleged mis-communication over ICA counters of different departments, ICA's 2 failed attempts at mailing reminder letters, Mr Ogawa's citizenship unfortunately lapsed and he was unceremoniously informed of his statelessness when he attempted to renew his SG passport in Oct2010.

As a result of which, Mr Ogawa still remains a stateless person, his liabilities towards serving NS not withstanding.

An appeal letter by his local MP Mr Lee Boon Yang was equally unceremoniously rejected with the reason given being "(sorry, there is) a no provision law".

Mr Ogawa has since made another appeal via "Member of Parliament for Jalan Besar GRC, Mr Heng Chee How, who wrote a letter to the director of ICA on Oct 18, seeking assistance on the matter". According to his reader comment message posted at '' on 25 October 2010 at 10:14 pm, SM Goh CT's intervention was deemed necessary [pict].

This whole episode seems to suggest that ICA's administration is no more than a grand puppet show operating without any spirit of being truly Singaporean; reeking of the 'no U turn sign' mentality and the summary dismissal of a citizen's appeal, it raises serious questions about a citizen's worth to the nation despite having completed full time national service and continuing to defend this nation thanklessly.

Mr Ogawa, despite having a rather difficult yet interesting childhood, has made efforts to prove his loyalty to Singapore.
I wish Mr Ogawa every success in the reinstatement of his Singapore citizenship and the success in life that he is deserving of the chance at.


- 'I served NS, but now I'm Stateless': [TNP: 8Nov2010]
- 'Singaporean or Not Singaporean? That is the Question..' By Ogawa Ryuju (23Oct2010): "Though with his good graces, Mr. Lee (Boon Yang) help me send a request to reinstate my citizenship, it was rejected due to a no provision law, not wanting to give up, i went to seek the help of another MP, 1 that had shooked my hands as i received my NRIC Mr. Heng, and as my status as a Singaporean lingers as the unknown, i hope that i can settle this issue as soon as possible". []

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