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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A question I hope my children will never have to ask me

05:55 AM Nov 03, 2010
Letter from Chan Hean Boon
I AGREE with Mr Lim Zi Rui, who commented during the ministerial forum at the Nanyang Technological University last Friday that young Singaporeans no longer feel a sense of ownership in Singapore.

I suspect that, not only young Singaporeans, but Singaporeans in general are beginning to feel this way.
My sentiment comes from engaging with friends, colleagues and National Service buddies on many national issues, in particular the foreign talent policy.
Singapore, in its relentless pursuit of excellence and in striving to become a global city, has attracted many foreigners over the years. Nowadays we are more likely to encounter foreigners than Singaporeans.
I have come across foreign tow-truck drivers and security personnel at the Marina Barrage other than at the usual places like restaurants, offices and universities.
If a crisis or war were to hit Singapore, it would be very disheartening to see hundreds of thousands of foreigners and PRs ditching the country, leaving behind 3 million Singaporeans to fend for themselves.
And that does not discount new migrants, especially those who have not done NS, and Singaporeans who have the financial ability to pack up and go.
Surely the situation would dampen the Singapore spirit. In the end, Singaporeans would ask: What are we fighting for?
I hope my children will never have to ask me this question.
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