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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ICA a heartless robot, forever bound to the Minister's apron strings.

 ICA a heartless robot, forever bound to the Minister's apron strings.  

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I remember on the day I went in NS, I was under the oath to protect my country, the President and its people. Isn't this oath sufficient to pledge a NSman loyalty to Singapore. Why ICA is still so rigid in insisting going thr another oath for someone who has pledge to protect Singapore durng his NS ?
Kind of losing their focus on the fundamentals and rationals of doing things.

Re: 'I served NS, but now I'm Stateless': [TNP: 8Nov2010]
I think that the reason for such occurrences happening is that the 'indispensable elite' must have decreed that all Singaporeans below the rank of 'Cabinet Minister' need COMPULSORY OBEDIENCE TRAINING.
They must be taught a stiff lessons for any non-compliance with government directives any less then to the T; no mercy will be granted, local MP appeals not withstanding.
They must never betray the govt line that '... countries worldwide respect and admire Singapore's proven system', where all opposition (by commission or omission) to state agenda would be severely 'fixed'; (for the politically obedient, they will continue to be rewarded financially for their voluntary 'cooperation') .
As Mr Brown rightly sings in 'Forever Young': ".. Don't be a nation of complaining old farts. Do what you're told, don't kaopeh kaobu. Aim to be obedient.. "

Does Singapore treasure its citizens?
Ask our 'dear leader', and the answer would certainly be in the affirmative.

Guess the question remains, could ICA have handled this case better. If ICA was the least bit concerned about Mr Ogawa's citizenship status, it would have made greater efforts at contacting him as well as liaise with the SAF about Mr Ogawa's service status and liabilities; in addition ICA being Singapore's principle immigration authority, ought to have close ties with the embassies of all countries located here, not least the Embassy of Japan, with which it could have clarified with regarding the true status of Mr Ogawa's citizenship had he not performed his 'ORAL' by age 22. It remains unfortunate that the ICA, being the operator of checkpoints around Singapore, was unable to contact Mr Ogawa for over 1 year despite the significance of the issue at hand; besides dismaying the poor lad with refused passport request also summarily dismissed his local MP's appeal, the standard reply being: "rejected due to a no provision law".
- Mr Ogawa, having received his reservist NS posting letter in Aug2010 was after all an active NSman doing his part to defend this small nation.
- Why weren't Mr Ogawa's 15yrs of residence in Singapore, his completed 2yrs of full time national service, his efforts at renouncing his Japanese citizenship, his mother's Singapore citizenship, his currently active NS-man commitments, the bouncing of ICA's 2nd reminder, (ditto the first as Mr Ogawa alleges), the alleged wrongful advice given to Mr Ogawa's and the mere 2 month delay in application taken into consideration in Mr Ogawa's appeal to reinstate his Singaporean citizenship?
- Why did ICA dismiss MP Mr Lee Boon Yang's, Mr Ogawa's local MP's appeal on behalf of his constituent with the standard reply: "rejected due to a no provision law"?
- Why then did Mr Ogawa get so desperate that he had to seek the help of a Ministerial level MP (the one who originally awarded him his citizenship)- Mr Heng Chee How for the purpose of a second appeal to the ICA [through SM Goh CT(see red box)], with the revelation of his predicament hitting front page tabloid news?
- Perhaps our 'puppet master' leaders might want to explain why a simple reminder phone call to Citizen Mr Ogawa from ICA would be too much to expect, in lieu of bounced reminder letters, given the rights, roles and responsibilities that a Singapore citizenship entails; noting that "rejected due to a no provision law" might sometimes happen?.
- Was Mr Ogawa's omission such a heinous crime that for lack of the Senior Minister GohCT's direction, a stateless but loyal Mr Ogawa would most probably have to report annually to the ICA for a 'special pass' to be renewed; continue NS and defending Singapore whilst his citizenship remains hanging in the the balance at the mercy of the ICA administrative rigmarole of:"rejected due to a no provision law"?

Why the impenetrable red tape- a citizen's despair that that only the directions of 'Senior Minister' (ranked 2nd highest in rank by cabinet remuneration) can cut?

Does the Singapore leadership really have the interest of the average citizen at heart, then where lies compassion?

Perhaps Singaporeans need to be more convinced that the Singapore citizenship besides being rigidly defined by roles and responsibilities, does indeed also have some matching rights to boot.

Love all, live and let live; and do have a nice day.

- 'Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore': [link]: "Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty" ['ORAL']
- 'I served NS, but now I'm Stateless': [TNP: 8Nov2010]
- 'Singaporean or Not Singaporean? That is the Question..' By Ogawa Ryuju (23Oct2010): "Though with his good graces, Mr. Lee (Boon Yang) help me send a request to reinstate my citizenship, it was rejected due to a no provision law, not wanting to give up, i went to seek the help of another MP, 1 that had shooked my hands as i received my NRIC Mr. Heng, and as my status as a Singaporean lingers as the unknown, i hope that i can settle this issue as soon as possible". []
- 'Identity' (24Oct2010): "After reading Ryuju’s story, I can’t help feeling sorry for him. I hope everything turns out well eventually. You have my prayers. At the same time this is also something we can all look into and reflect on." ['']; reader comment by Ogawa Ryuju 25 October 2010 at 10:14 pm: "Thank you very much for your support, Everyone of you. (I don’t know what else i can say but thank you, I am really grateful.) I just came back from Meet The People session at Whampoa Drive to see Mr Heng Chee How. He said he would write a letter to Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong regarding this matter and that he read my blog about my life. (Which made me smile)"
- 'Ogawa Ryuju' (29Oct2010): "One of my man in the army, an interesting and entertaining lad who has an interesting story behind his upcoming. Dont give up Ogawa": []
- 'PM Lee says countries worldwide respect and admire Singapore's proven system' (CNA:03May2006): "...I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?"..." [YouTube/@1m10s]
- 'Forever Young (With Lyric and Sing along) - MrBrown Show Production' (13Apr2010): ".. Don't be a nation of complaining old farts. Do what you're told, don't kaopeh kaobu. Aim to be obedient.. " [YouTube@t=20s]
- 'Singapore ministers set for million-dollar pay hike' (5Apr2007): "'It is critical for us to keep these salaries competitive, so as to be able to bring in a continuing flow of able and successful people,' Lee said in a speech in March". []

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