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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Categorical Response to 'Smickno' Re: I served NS, but now I'm Stateless

Re: I served NS, but now I'm Stateless - 10Nov2010, 08:55 PM

Hi 'Smickno', categorically , you're wrong/ I disagree:
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Short answers:
1. Will he be required to do reservist? Obviously not since he is not a Singapore citizen.
They must had sent him his reservist posting letter in Aug2010 (though most likely before 31Aug2010- his 22nd birthday). If they were so confident he'd serve his reservist duties, why wouldn't they reinstate his citizenship with the same enthusiasm so that he could perform them? by just and either overlook the less the 5 week delay in his appeal or else by placing additional requirements on him- such as by now demanding to see his 'Loss of Japanese citizenship Certificate' before proceeding (or some reasonably appropriate equivalent) rather then some dumb ambiguous reply like "(sorry, there is) no provision law". Mind you, whilst they process his appeal, he is unable/ would have much difficulty in travel/ trade/ seeking employment now being a 'stateless' person- and as you say, be exempted from reservist duties, so acting fast yields benefit both ways.

Why be confused about technicalities when he is by any measure a true blue Singapore citizen except for the last oath, so why delay him further from doing so for just 5 weeks delay? Is his crime so without recourse that it necessitates pardon by none less then the Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong personal intervention? [archive], the ICA and its Minister in charge has made the entire cabinet a puppet show and a laughing stock for us to see.

If you suggest relieving him of his national service reservist duties then who shall you find as replacement? You or your kids to do 'double duty'? Who will volunteer for reason of such trivial technicality? On the issue of national security, why raise the iota of confusion based on such 'trivial technicality'?

Nobody is perfect so why add on further technicalities and interruptions and end up further compromise national security. Despite undelivered and bounced reminder letters, ICA made no effort to contact Mr Ogawa personally by phone, even excusing itself with the perfunctory reply"(sorry, there is) no provision law". If ICA expected Mr Ogawa to be more enthusiastic about compliance with its rules, then the ICA should have been more enthusiastic in promoting such compliance.

2. Mr Ogawa is not a new arrival to Singapore. You even said he spent what? 20 + years studying and living here right. So, he had more than enough time to find out what the procedures were, but he did not take the matter seriously.
I only said he had his basic education here, Mr Ogawa is now 22 yrs old, he spent 15 yrs of his life in Singapore.
He received his citizenship on 20June2008 from Mr Heng Chee How in a citizenship ceremony.
He may not have followed all the renewal of citizenship requirements to the T but having completed his full time national service liability as well as having renounced his Japanese citizenship on 15July2010, he seems to have fulfilled the core requirements of confirming his Singaporean citizenship. His appeal to perform before a Commissioner for Oaths the 'Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty' ('ORAL')[Ref: 'Step 5: Oath Taking and Becoming a Singapore Citizen'] 5 weeks late along with MP Mr Lee Boon Yang's supporting appeal seems to have been stone walled by the ICA. It was reported that Minister of State Mr Heng Chee How wrote to the director of the ICA on the 18Oct2010 but by the looks of it, it seems to be that now Mr Goh Chok Tong's intervention is necessary [pict]. What a unnecessary rigmarole for a 5 week delay! Either the ICA is totally inept or these Senior Ministers are very free and crave the attention of new citizens and the accompanying publicity or are just trying to portray at this critical time, that the Singapore citizenship is indeed a hard one to get. Either way it is bad game play.

3. Not having received 2 letters from ICA? On the contrary, he had admitted to having received 2 letters from ICA and further admitted that he did not read them, and that ANYWAY, all these years, his mother took care of everything for him (except perhaps doing NS for him).
Did you really bother to read the article 'I served NS, but now I'm Stateless': [TNP: 8Nov2010] to which this forum thread is referenced? Why are your facts so mistaken?
It is clearly stated in the article that Mr Ogawa DENIES having received either of the 2 reminder letters sent.
For that I find your criticisms of Mr Ogawa omission unwarranted.
There is no indication that Mr Ogawa was a 'mummy's boy', in fact he feels obliged to repay his mom for her sacrifices and take control of the company to ease her burden. [Ref: Singaporean or Not Singaporean? That is the Question..]

4. If NS is being put forward as the main argument for why he should be made an exception to the law, will that not be discriminating against female applicants in similar situations?
In the case of males, NS is one clear appreciable factor. Females may have other criteria unique to their gender but beyond the scope of this discussion. The issue of NS liability transcends the 2year full time period and also extends to the current reservist liability period.
Dismissing NS from the issue of citizenship is to trivialize the importance of NS to all Singaporeans. Are you, Mr 'Smickno' in declaring Mr excused from national service trying to reveal the loophole in immigration laws that those intending to skive NS might exploit, by relinquishing one's foreign citizenship and then surreptitiously missing the 'ORAL'? If that is your idea 'Smickno' of Singaporean citizenship, then I question your integrity and your allegiance to this land that you so proudly proclaim your allegiance to. What are you, a double agent?

By all accounts, in both substance and form, with the exception of a minor technicality (honest mistake), Mr Ogawa's application for citizenship confirmation and his commitment towards performing is NS reservist duties are bona fide.

Now let me touch on No U-Turn. This phrase was coined and made popular by Sim Wong Hoo as if to satirise the lack of entrepreneurial and risk-taking spirit in Singaporeans within the wider international community that he had seen. It is not meant to be understood as the law needing to be made "general guidelines" for reference purposes only.
Dear Mr 'Smickno', my linking of the Wikipedia link of 'No U-Turn Syndrome' for your convenience seems lost on you.
I append pertinent sections of its definitions here for your edification.

No U-Turn Syndrome (NUTS) is a term first coined by Singaporean entrepreneur Sim Wong Hoo, to prominently describe the social behaviour of Singaporeans having a mindset of compliance to higher authorities before proceeding with any action.
... In Singapore, drivers are not allowed to make a U-turn unless a sign specifically allows them to do so, while in some other countries drivers may make U-turns freely so long as the 'No U-turn' sign is not present. ..this analogy is used to explain the red tape he has encountered with hard-nosed bureaucrats, which in turn stifles the very creativity that the Singaporean government has been trying to promote in the recent years.[1]

Do have a good nap if U need one 'Smickno', its good to rest when U need sleep.

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