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Friday, September 8, 2017

Obsolete and outdated USA vote counting method is a DANGER to the world.

Obsolete and outdated USA vote counting method is a DANGER to the world.
DentalFloss(PF) wroteYou realize that the allocation of electoral college votes doesn't require, or even allow, "voters" to have a say, right? As a practical matter, all 50 States have adopted that method, and most, but not all, use the "winner take all" method. But there is nothing that requires that. The State Legislature could decide to use ANY method they chose, the flip of a coin for example, or even only having the Legislature itself vote on the Electors. There is no right for the average person to have a vote at all.
I STILL THINK that the way electoral college votes are totalled and the result transmitted to Washington dc for the determination of whom should be president is more a product of LIMITATION BY DESIGN to the pre-1861 state of available communications technology (i.e. smoke signals, pony express mail service in the era BEFORE telegraph service) and perhaps the infant democracy that the USA was at (blacks and women weren't allowed to vote).

Why else would a state not accede to accurate transmission of data to the benefit of minority interest but either due to TECHNOLOGICAL LIMITATIONS of the contemporary period or else because many states were ruled by BULLIES who would gratuitously (indecently/corruptly) exploit minority interest in favour of their majority rule. I am already being very lenient in blaming technological limitations for the perceivable injustice since to label state leaderships of being rogue BULLIES would be most incriminating. Costs of elections were also a concern so the focus was on state legislature, the vote for president having much lesser concern since USA was more concerned about intra-contentinental issues with few if any global concerns.

Perhaps the fact that state legislatures across all states (to my knowledge) opt for statewide voter participation in presidential elections (rather than flipping a coin as u mentioned) alludes to the fact that contemporary justice supported by modern technological progress, the GROWING AMBIT OF GLOBAL ROLE OF USA PRESIDENT, demand for as widespread voter participation as possible. Both technological availability and voter interest mandate that a national vote BEYOND the election of mere state legislators be conducted.

The 'winner take all' casino like manner of electoral college votes reporting for presidential elections only serves to fuel extremes of citizen emotions, from rabid activism to apathetic absenteeism as 'my vote won't count': which itself adds fuel to creating divisions within a nation/ federation. The current method of USA presidential vote counting remains an anachronism of our time and urgently needs reform if the USA is to remain a leading thought/policy leader in the world, rather than an OBSOLETE /spent force, or a bully which others need to teach discipline to and be put back to its original humble place.

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