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Saturday, September 16, 2017

NTUC should avoid using more value less waste campaign to bully/ exploit the poor.

Some of the $2 stuff is not even fit to feed the dogs. NTUC should pay more attention to the poor and ensure that detective fruits are extremely attractively priced for quick sale so as not to become cesspools of disease or attract accusations that NTUC is just using the 'value' option to cheat poor people because the defective stuff should have been binned/composted instead (diaposal costs are like 7cents/kg so by giving away such half rotten food free, customers are in fact helping NTUC reduce their disposal costs). 

The poor also need to eat more fruits to strengthen them in the war against diabetes so that they do not make high medishield-life claims that cause COMPULSORY overall premiums to increase.

More staff to check the quality of more value less waste basket stuff for decomposition are also necessary to ensure fresh fruit availibility for everybody to prevent COMPULSORY medishield-life premiums from increasing for EVERYBODY.

Cheap sale? Abandoned like the poor in Singapore and ?deceived? into buying abandoned food unfit for consumption.
[Image: FR9bEXP.jpg]

Rotten orange and apples, especially on left, soggy, covered with moulds and oozing fluid with water condensation from decomposition process:
[Image: ZJ1zGIm.jpg]

PS: to help lower food costs and decrease food wastage in Singapore, SG gahmen should audit supermarkets for the amount and $ value of expired food discarded and require cheap sale clearance or donation to bonafide charity, failure to do so would attract fine/ other penalty. Supermarkets should progressively lower food prices to reduce food wastage to avoid the wastage of $$$ as well as the premature filling up of P Semakau dumpsite as another dumpsite has yet to be found. Cheaper food options will also reduce gahmen need to increase expensive silver support scheme that gives many 'poor' seniors free social welfare pocket money of ~$250/ month for living costs as well as Pioneer generation package with 50% off medical fees when many old age frailty linked disease can be avoided with better access to nutritious (fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins) foods vz reduced wastage vz efficient sale/ disposal of less than perfect products

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