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Friday, March 20, 2015

Proof that Medishield-life is squandering public money, sponsoring people to spend/consume way beyond their means:

Firstly, if stay HDB and low income automatically = poor? Haha, Minister must be a joker/fool. What about those either holding foreign PR or even Singaporeans secretly holding foreign citizenship (illegal I know: they just didn't declare to anyone) and either (i) deceptively use poor relative's house as residence address, (ii) sold their pte property at property mkt peak and bought 2-rm HDB as single to use as chalet for the rare occasion of stopover to check out property mkt (can sell the 2-rm open mkt at profit after 5 yrs kept empty for a profit; they stay in luxurious mansion in their newfound country of residence (planning to return to SG for medical treatment to exploit medishield life A class IP benefits to the max if need be (max GST credits after fooling the stoopid SG gahmen into believing the deceit: whoopee!!!))).
PS: a single/ childless couple staying in a smaller unit has a better quality of life compared to some large multigenerational families staying in larger sized units but too small relative to occupant residing there. 
Thus, those not residing in Singapore for >/=6 months in a year should be excluded from receiving ANY subsidy as would those not found to be living in their registered addresses during spot checks by the PA or HDB (banks/ telcos should be compelled to follow their address on IC and report case if untrue). Value of residence should be based upon per capita annual value rather than the gross property annual value if gahmen encourages intergenerational living rather than the breakdown of family relations (forced by dependence upon subsidies policy to choose to live separately as cf under-one-roof).

No/low income AUTOMATICALLY = poor??? Some individual have low/ zero income because they have retired early (earned more than their pot of gold) and stay in smaller units because they are single, but in their pockets are keys to Mercedes benz/ Maserati cars parked downstairs, (and private bank accounts in tax haven/ banking secrecy countries like Switzerland etc: overflowing at the seams). As mentioned above, neither is declared salary a good estimate of one's wealth: those desiring any significant form of means tested gahmen subsidies (of significant quantum) should make a wealth declaration that will be publicly viewable on the internet> those unwilling to make such a declaration should be barred from any such means tested subsidies beyond a certain specified quantum deemed significant.

Proof that all MOH run hospital ward classes provide the SAME quality of medical care: "You will get the same good quality medical care, no matter which ward class you choose." (See pict @ bottom): Source:

Proof that MOH is planning to subsidise those who claim to be 'poor' but still insist upon private (even A class (luxurious (but unnecessary) treatments in private ward comfort/ luxury)) that is probably way beyond their means if their personal wealth declarations were indeed truthful/ correct (they even have extra cash on hand to pay premiums IN EXCESS of medisave claimable leh!...):

MOH: "Hospitalisation and Day Surgery...= the same good quality medical care" REGARDLESS of class:

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