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Monday, March 9, 2015

Mass fish suffocation(deaths) @SG fish farm: Sinkie's(PAP's) fault, not God's.

Why the recent/ annual loss of ~ 500+ tons of fish is Singaporean's/ PAP's fault:
Re: Up to 600 tonnes of fish lost to algal bloom: AVA
  1. Dissolved oxygen in water depends on rainfall (raindrops cause surface turbulence when they fall , rain is oxygenated as it fall from sky etc)which depends much on rainforest transpiration volume there is in the first place (number of plant leaves/ unit area, water retaining top-soil etc). Concrete/ glass buildings transpire ZERO water vapor unlike tropical rainforest where much transpiration is involved. Damming up all waterways (to save for precious little concrete jungle rainfall) also reduces sea water aeration since highly oxygenated freshwater streams are now detained in reservoirs.
  2. Sewage nutrient content from a land of >5 million inhabitants is tremendous (even after sewerage treatment) and only invites frequent plankton blooms: which suck up all dissolved oxygen resulting in massive fish death from suffocation due to shortage of dissolved oxygen in farm waters.
  3. Higher temperature waters is equivalent to REDUCED dissolved oxygen (DO) content : due to reduce cloud cover (reflect sun's infrared heating effect) over concrete jungle, reduced transpiration heat loss, seas surrounding concrete jungles are expected to be much warmer cf around tropical rainforested areas and thus UNSUITABLE for fish farming due to reduced dissolved oxygen in the water: the high rate of burning fossil fuels for transport, industry, air-conditioners etc also adds to the heat radiating out from the concrete jungle which makes all surroundings much hotter than they should: e.g. viz global warming as well etc.
  4. Increased water salinity (salt content) is higher in places with high erosion (e.g. construction sites etc) where surface run off is high: increased water salinity is also associated with reduced DO.

PAP is at fault insofar as they created this concrete jungle, pump nutrient rich sewerage into sea (rather than converting it to fertilizer for farms), GDP first policies etc etc...

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is found in microscopic bubbles of oxygen that are mixed in the water and occur between water molecules. DO is a very important indicator of a water body's ability to support aquatic life. Fish "breathe" by absorbing dissolved oxygen through their gills. Oxygen enters the water by absorption directly from the atmosphere or by aquatic plant and algae photosynthesis. Oxygen is removed from the water by respiration and decomposition of organic matter.
Factors Affecting DO
- Volume and velocity of water flowing in the water body
- Climate/Season
- The type and number of organisms in the water body
- .....
BASIN: General Information on Dissolved Oxygen

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