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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

To reduce the HIV rates and abandoned kids due to sex for fun/ sex- before marriage phenomenon

To reduce the HIV rates and abandoned kids due to sex for fun/ sex- before marriage phenomenon: e.g. '$20k wedding called off after bride and groom fight'That is why i feel that on ROM marriage records: all divorcees, separated, remarried persons with any kids under 21yrs old will be marked out as having existing dependents so that anybody they should marry will have to be aware of their preexisting parenthood commitments such that where mainteinence payments are concerned: precedents will ALWAYS be for children from earlier relationships/ marriages: to the extent of garnishee order on salary/ confiscation of properties etc (even if the new family needs to depend on social welfare etc). (Too many men give EXCUSE not to pay mainteinence for past children by claiming that their new families are new/ more important commitments).

This will make sure that those not intent on building up proper relationships are DISCOURAGED from prematurely abandoning existing maritial relationships and thus neglecting any children from past relationships/ abandonment of their care to either a hapless partner (usually female spouse) or the welfare of the state.

It would also make any partners more wary and informed about any pre-existing parenthood commitments a partner has and be extra cautious about adding more (e.g. through responsible use of proper contraception) until the couple is certain of adding even more responsibilities in bringing more children into the world.

Oh yes, and buggery (sodomy) should be banned too: dunno why the gahmen legalised it between heterosexual couples (threw out baby with bathwater) cos it seriously CANNOT be considered a viable form of contraception since the HIV infection risk of sodomy is like 18times that of vaginal intercourse.

Since Singapore is going down the route of increased taxation (poll tax like) to 'pre-fund' Medishield-life for all healthcare cost INCLUDING HIV treatment (not to mention neglected/ abandoned kids from serial marriage/ (serial heart breakers) culprits): I think legislation on child mainteinence and against sodomy in all forms is long overdue in view of the exponential public spending on such largely 'unnecessary' anticipated costs.

High HIV rates and younger sufferers:
(alt IMG source)

Increased GST besides increased Medishield-life premiums to cover for all this unnecessary public expenditure costs:
 02March2012: DPM Tharman: Government revenues need to be raised.
Full text:08June2012: Singapore's growth expected to slow in next decade
22August2013: GST hike ‘more likely’ if Govt needs to raise revenue for new initiatives

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