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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Marriage decay= one step towards Armageddon...

Humanity has finally found a way to self-destruct itself.
Originally Posted by Leongsam
Source (SBY): Sinkie groom goes ahead with the wedding alone after slaps from the bride
Marriage is no longer a once-in-a-lifetime event. It should be treated just like any othertemporary arrangement.
Hi Mr Leong, wonder if U have kids, factually (nothing personal) I believe that U are damned if U do and the same if U don't.

Indeed, $$$ isn't everything, some like a decent, jazzy wedding at least for the memories and also as somewhat of a feast/ appreciation to parents/ elders for bringing them up well etc.

In any case, if marriage (or the lack thereof) is a "temporary arrangement", thenby your logic it follows: the same applies to any kids born: indeed, one would probably be so haphazard (neglectful) in their upbringing, they will probably be none too bright, and even if smart, would probably be of nefarious device (overwhelmed by instant gratification): surely a drug addict I can almost even smell...

As such follows, such ill-bred kids can only be a pain to the parents (if not society) during their parents old age.

The same applies if u have no kids: your perception and thus response to younger minders in your old age would be so debased (and filled with suspicion), I foresee no way U might enjoy your silver years.

When u start degrading all established human relationship constructs to mere temporary flings, U erode the trust needed for security and happiness to flourish to mere happenstance chance/ theft even: consequently, the happiness U now experience is "short and brutish", never fulfilling, never satisfying, never even real. Like a heroin addict forever in withdrawal state: and dependent on crime just to feel alive (fix): in a constant state of depression or death, life has become too hard to carry on: the view of hell becomes the apperation always by his side: the Grimm reaper awaits.

Christianity (AND to some extent all other mainstream religion: Abrahamic, Hinduism and even Bhuddism) have somewhat held the world together since the start of (earth) time: maybe humanity has finally found a way to successfully self-destruct (nuclear Armageddon?).......

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