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Monday, December 8, 2014

LHL: First class political leadership and First World Parliament are separate issues...

23Mar2007: "First class political leadership" (to justify exponential pay rise)...

08Dec2014:Like communist China: Dynastic/ authoritarian rule does not operate under 'First World Parliament' concept: aka Hong Kong: 'poor people shouldn't vote' concept...
PM: Next GE's a deadly serious fight
"It will be about whether we continue to have a First World Government, not about the so-called First World Parliament," he said, alluding to the Workers' Party's (WP's) GE 2011 slogan. - See more at: PM: Next GE's a deadly serious fight, AsiaOne Singapore News
2 separate issues:
Sauce: Public Transport Council says fare hikes and breakdowns are unrelated issues | The Real Singapore

Law and upholding justice is also 2 separate issues:
(Pict source)(re: 'Influencing electoral votes'...)

Other examples of dishonest/ cruel politician's leadership styles:


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