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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quantitave Easing is like illegal stimulant drugs: one ALWAYS regrets taking it..

.(e.g. crystal meth: )
Originally Posted by humblepie
Thread source (discuss): How Quantitave Easing makes average Joe sick, hungry and poor.
a way to put many things that seemingly is correlated together to spread mass pandemonium when it is not within your control. you be better focus on getting your financial foundation in order.
there are much misconception of money printing and quantitative easing. most make it seem they really understand how the economic machine works when it is such a complex subject. most of the time, they are just copying from one misleading source.
this article basically puts the singapore incumbent in cahoots with the US federal reserve and you wonder whether the singapore incumbent have that much of an influence over that of another countries federal reserve.
Singapore is like any other 3rd world country that prints $$$. The question is not IF since my annexed Pict of Singapore $$$ supply over the last 22 plus years is like at a compound rate of 8.77%. The question is thus HOW MUCH which is obviously a complex question to answer since we are NO LONGER on the gold standard which would have made things easier to measure (e.g. maintaining the gold to dollar exchange rate): today however, fiat currency can only be valued at the worth of a government (intellect/ leadership capability, real, non-rigged democratic mandate, gahmen physical assets/ precious metal cache, gahmen intellectual property etc): maybe approximated by real GDP though again even real GDP figures are easily rigged for short term benefit such as by using QE to artificially surpress currency interest rates/ importing cheap labour from abroad using dictatorial powers so that GDP gets a sterile boost even if such lax immigration policies result in social mayhem down the road.

So yes, the $inkie gahmen knows no better than any other bankrupt 3rd world state but to copy the USA in its QE efforts by similarly/ responsively/ proportionately rigging USD:SGD rates (as the USA FED depreciates theirs) so the exchange rate remains constant when the lack of QE by Singapore would have led the SGD to naturally strengthen: which the gahmen refuses to do since they know that innovation and productivity of Singapore is currently sub-par and so the only way to defend exports is to let the SGD depreciate +/- the USDdepreciation rate.

Judging by gold/ property/asset prices, SGD value has depreciated a lot: thus the grouses by many about how the 5Cs have become more so out of reach and how health care (HC) has become unaffordable, even when these (HC/ HDB) were generally affordable to earlier generations during their respective chronological periods. Retirees have also complained about healthcare inflation far exceeding the interest paid on their savings $$$ resulting in healthcare becoming beyond the means for most.

Praise QE/ Abenomics to high heaven if you wish or deny SG incumbent politicians participation, yet U have to destroy the incontrovertible evidence of $$$ printing by SG gahmen to the tune of 8.77% p.a. average over last 22 yrs to say so...
Put blinkers over your own eyes if U want to, but my eyes will sieve out the truth: always.

QE without structural reform focused upon raising the plight of the poor is like upgrading the engine oil ($$$) to that of the highest quality at the expense of leaving the axle broken (rampant political corruption/ incompetence e.g. Olympus, Fukushima nuclear kahboom etc) and the steering loose (poorly trained/ educated population, low fertility rate etc) any plain car mechanic will tell you that you have gotten your priorities really MISPLACED.

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