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Monday, August 25, 2014

Malaki Osman should reflect if Islam really wants to cause hardship to all poor by increasing GST to indirectly sponsor Muslim Haj...

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Re thread (A1): Will CPF treat pilgrims the same way they treat tikos and gamblers?
So must treat pilgrims like tikos and gamblers all cannot take cpf?
U very the controversial wan: purposely compare Muslim pilgrims to tikos and gamblers to produce friction and heat: I let that slip this one time, anyway, U better be careful: ISIS might be planning to kidnapp u.

Anyhow, good thing about Singapore is that even ah beng "tikos and gamblers" have to serve NS: which is where they at least learn some discipline and integratewith the rest: so our streets are generally safe from gangs and other vice activities.

Gahmen already says that national coffers are in shortfall, thus their planned GST hike to 10% in 2016 etc: which would adversely HURT POOR PEOPLE. Singapore is a unique state where NS is much part of everyday life: everyone MUST chip in for the good of the whole.

Which is why the silly PAP walkovers/coat-tails puppet MP (Malaki Osman) has got his priorities quite wrong in term of the 5 pillars of Islam which I believe is very much focused on helping the poor.
The 5 pillars of Islam, formatted similar to the 10 commandments, are ranked in hirechy of importance: the first commandment/pillar being of significantly MORE importance than the last. Even thiscomprehensive Muslim website about the 5 pillars of Islam states that : "Unlike the other four Pillars, the Hajj can be skipped if it involves great hardships."

Under the category of 'zakat', it is explained: "Muslims are expected to give to the poor and sick. Although the zakat is not regulated by the government, sincere Muslims regard it as an important religious duty. In fact, the Koran addresses almsgiving as an essential quality of an honest Muslim, a gateway into heaven."

In my mind: an increase in GST will only make the poor poorer and MORE SICK since such price inflation will definitely FORCE THEM TO GET BY WITH EVEN LESS.

The cuckoo coat-tails walkovers sock-puppet PAP GRC MP is only playing to the superficial, ritualistic and less faithful Muslim sentiments. Bet he knows nuts about Islam himself: increasing GST so that some Muslims could go on gahmen charity having exhausted their CPF minimum sum to go on Haj???!!! And then cause GREAT HARDSHIPS TO ALL THE POOR because GST is then increased???!!!

The CPF Minimum Sum is the MINIMUM amount of personal $$$ savings needed for every retired Singaporean (a form of NATIONAL SERVICE) so as not to burden poor citizens with hardship of increased GST etc: doing the Haj shouldn't inconvenience others, MUCH LESS CAUSE HARDSHIPS TO THE POOR.

This is the kind of theologically misled, pork-barrelMuslim MP that any sane society shouldn't accept: robbing the poor to send some Muslims on ritualistic Haj, throwing the whole concept of national service/ fiscal prudence out of the window... This is the kind of shameless, pork-barrel MP that Singapore does not need.

Hell awaits that mean man who caused increased hardships for the poor..

Scheduled GST increase thanks to pork-barrel coat-tails PAP MP who demands gahmen handouts and free gifts at the expense of the poor:...
02March2012: DPM Tharman: Government revenues need to be raised.

Full text:08June2012: Singapore's growth expected to slow in next decade

22August2013: GST hike ‘more likely’ if Govt needs to raise revenue for new initiatives

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