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Sunday, August 24, 2014

CPF minimum sum is like NATIONAL SERVICE. Singaporeans/PR of ALL RELIGIONS must comply and respect.

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I think that since WE ALL AGREE THAT SINGAPORE GAHMEN IS SECULAR, then we MUST ALL AGREE that CPF $$$ is not IN THE FIRST PLACE ment for religious activities no matter what some religious doctrine or other says.

Professing Jehovah's witness (JW) members serve their NS with 3+ yrs JAIL because say "doctrine doctrine" but gahmen says no such thing: please go DB if U wanna practise your anti-NS smoke and mirrors thingie.

Likewise, I cannot say religious so demand to withdraw minimum sum buy Bhudda statue/ go Jerusalem retreat/ holiday etc.

Remember, this is MINIMUM SUM, just like NS: MINIMUM IS 2YRS now, cannot say like JW that they do not accept conscription laws: so gahmen says what the f@√|<: are="" br="" db.="" in="" jw="3+" u="" yrs="">
I also understand that there are some Muslims like addicted to Haj???!!!: some go I hear like 3x or more, like one greedy neighbour with 3 Mercedes Benz cars: the more the merrier: given that Haj visas are in short supply and if it is really so important, then shouldn't (1) Saudi Arabia ration each Muslim to ONE Haj per lifetime: just like the price of HDB flats is much reduced due to a strict ration scheme where hording is strictly forbidden ( public housing is both a privilege and a right: and certainly NOT a commodity). So I guess since the Haj isn't a tradable commodity like corn-flour/ rice/ soyabeans, then some price control mechanism and rationing system based upon identity ought be implemented so that all Muslims can comply without imposing their beliefs on a secular based annunity scheme (CPF minimum sum).

I however remain VERY skeptical about the true necessity of CPF minimum sum sponsoring the Haj and since I am not a practising Muslim, can only compare such practise with maybe Holy Communion in the Christian sense/ buying a Bhudda statue where Bhuddist is concerned: NEITHER of which are of pivotal importance: both being more akin to rituals since it is what is in the heart that is MORE IMPORTANT.
Jesus Christ said (paraphrase) that we (Christians) MUST love Him with our heart, soul and mind, with the holy communion being just one option amongst MANY OTHERS with the SAME ritualistic effect: no point U treat the poor badly then use bread and wine to 'cleanse' your sin cos Jesus is certainly SMARTER then King Solomon and those who equate Jesus to like the Marina Bay Casino entry-fee collector are most certainly destained for hell: reading the Bible isn't about cherry picking verses to suite one's own convenience. Ditto buying a Bhudda statue: I believe that helping the blind man cross the road, in terms of Karma points: is certainly worth INFINITESIMALLY MORE.

Thus I return to Islam: if the Haj were INDEED THAT IMPORTANT: then Singapore Muslims would have already directed Muis to organise savings/ funding schemes towards that end: raise Zakat by all means: however the point REMAINS: CPF MINIMUM sum is LIKE NATIONAL SERVICE: to protect this land against destruction by foreign aggressors as is the case for NS. But when one is old and unable to work, IT REMAINS THE DUTY OF EVERY CITIZEN to PARTICIPATE in the national pension/annuity scheme as a GOOD CITIZEN so that Singapore's reserves continue to be healthy for the good of the next generation.

Thus I conclude that if the Minimum sum is the barest of MINIMUM one needs to survive till death from old age, then I believe that the good Muslim (and MUIS) will not impose on the gahmen for compromise just to fulfil the Haj requirement but raise their own funds: maybe from richer Muslims/ 'better' Muslims who on record have ALREADY performed the Haj (additional 10% zakat surcharge).

Sorry if what I have written sounds abrasive but I think that like NS, the current CPF minimum sum scheme should NOT be meddled with.

On the balance, gahmen should REFRAIN FROM RAISING GST further and control inflation by appreciating SGD amongst other fiscal/$ policy changes so that MORE/ majority Singaporeans will fulfil the CPF minimum sum requirements rather than the (IIRC) measely ~50% of retires it is now.

With so few citizens fulfilling CPF minimum sum requirements, the Muslim Haj should be the last thing on the gahmen's mind, otherwise, SG reserves will be in SERIOUS DANGER if Christians demand CPF withdrawals from Minimum sum to buy Jesus Christ era vintage wine and the Bhuddist clamour for 99.999% pure gold Bhudda statues.

PS: Another way to raise $$$ without drawing down CPF minimum sum would to reverse mortgage residential property/ ask MUIS to increase zakat so every Muslim can go Haj...

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