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Monday, August 1, 2011

The elected presidency- isnt it's just another piece in the over-sized jigsaw puzzle called the 'PAP'?

The elected presidency- isn't it just another piece in the over-sized jigsaw puzzle called the 'PAP'?
no, not fierce...
is totally cannot understand what TS is trying to say.
all TS's attempt to look "professional" has all fallen flat.
the more TS references, the more unreadable and un-fathomable TS's posts has become.
Not trying in any way to "look professional" cos I'm not. References r just there to explain how I feel.

Pls tell me: if your choice of an MP is complicated by the unnecessary interference by needlessly super-sized GRCs (in 1988, <1/2 of parliament seats belonged to GRCs see pict link for chart [chart] but by now shamelessly enlarged), gerrymandering, interference by the PA- the PM's private political campaign and control vehicle [link]- a means to usurp and pervert the relationship between the civil service and Singaporeans [link].

Elections in SG have become like another outing to the casino, you can never really understand the rules there because they are so complicated, nobody can predict the outcome because the election has become so partisan with secret maneuvering by the larger political parties of both boundaries and candidates and the outcome so unexpected: newbie Tin Pei Ling got in on GCT's coat-tails but two ministers, lost because Singaporeans decided that too much of a PAP manipulation was a bad thing and rightly so. Super-sized-GRCs policy just encourages political parties try to attempt covert political maneuvering to make themselves 'too big to fail'- much to the detriment of the constituents in particular and Singapore in general.

And now that we express worries that they are 'too big to fail' [Wikipedia def] in regard of our $ reserves, out of the magician's hat pops the 'elected presidency' a 'noble' man with a role none other then as a last key-holder to our nation's reserves, a man supposed to be honest, but for whom just 20.4% popular voter support is sufficient (by my example of the voting result, by the first-past-the-post [FPTP] voting system for five candidates, the winning being 20.1% vs. 19.9% and 20.0% amongst the rest). Presidential elections, in the casino spirit of Singapore, have just become yet another public spectacle sport!

So do you think I can be bothered to cast my vote on prez election day?
What difference does it make: there are other endeavors around whose mechanisms are much better understood and outcomes better expected.

Again, one problem solved by the creation of yet another (larger) added to the list.

The elected presidency- it's just another piece in the over-sized jigsaw puzzle called the 'PAP'.
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