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Monday, August 1, 2011

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
so you suggesting that number 1 vote getter and number 2 do round 2?
pray tell... that the benefits actually justify spending so much money to do two or even more rounds of voting.
If only the PAP didn't super-size the GRC in its efforts to grow 'too big to fail' [Wikipedia def], then people would have more faith in their MPs to represent them and as such, elect the next president without the need for Singaporeans to once again participate in these bogus polls whereby a candidate with 20.1% of valid votes can actually become president of Singapore {ref my last post}: no need rounds 1,2 or 3, just fair, transparent system to elect one's MP without the gerrymandering, super-sized GRCs or the interference of Lee's pte army- the PA.

Plus, most accept that as a sovereign figurehead, the president is just the president. Albeit he is being paid rather handsomely annually.
if the position is that much of a white elephant, then why the nostalgia and "warm fuzzy feelings" when the Late Mr Ong is mentioned?
- So U think 'good' ppl like late Prez Ong TC grow on trees?
What if in the current atmosphere of casino elections where results are unpredictable, this election he looses by 0.1%. (2 PAP Ministers, one ear-marked minister and ear-marked speaker in parliament just lost the last elections in exchange for one 'Tin Pei Ling').
I mean white elephant presidency going forward, the hyperinflation/ super-sizing of the GRCs began only AFTER its inception in 1988.
PS: Ex-Prez Ong ran for presidency against a reluctant opponent [Wikipaedia]

Perhaps if we really wanted the public to participate, then maybe let the public choose 3 candidates (top 3 from FPTP elections) and then let parliament make the final decision.
Actually, what is most necessary is responsible MPs who represent their constituents rather then a sham president- whose legitimacy is only as good as that of the PAP legislature which created this post in the very first place.

Yet... no one and I mean NO ONE, even though of getting his children to come out and say "a vote for XXX (or for me) is a vote for my late father!"
- Relevance?

I know, nobody likes this kind of politics. But I like the idea of fighting fire with fire.
Why fight fire with fire when U have water/ better solution at hand? Again, are you here mistaking the woods for the trees?
As mentioned previously, <1/2 seats in parliament after 1988 GE were GRC seats (42 were SMC seats) [chart]. We should make MP elections in SG credible by returning to the original philosophy of GRCs representing minorities by imposing on super-sized GRCs that at least 1/3 of their members MUST be minorities. Is politics in Singapore regressing? Why does the PAP govt need in 2011GE 75 seats to represents minorities, what it amply achieved with just 39 seats in 1988?

This hyper-inflation in the GRC system of elections may simply be corrected by ensuring that at least 33.3% of GRC candidates are minority race and that the max candidates per GRC be 6 or 7.

The following permutations are possible:
3 person GRC: min 1 minority
4-6 person GRC: Min 2 persons from minority.
7 person GRC: Min 3 persons fr minority.

Like in the 2011 elections where there exists 15 GRCs [Wikipedia], the total number of minorities ensured shall be 15 divided amongst all GRCs legislated.

- The max number of GRC MPs possible under the 33.3% minority rule shall be 15 X 3MP GRCs (15 minorities):
15 X 3 = 45 MPs.
- The minimum number of GRC MPs possible shall be the scenario of 7 X 4MP GRCs + 1 X 3 MP GRCs (15 minorities):
[(7 X 4) + (1 X 3)] = 31 MPs.

The rest of the constituencies between [(87 - 45 (or 31)] shall be single seat constituencies (a total of between 42 to 56 SINGLE seats).

[Ref: Parliament of Singapore (Wikipedia)]

While you bring up a point... we are not even sure that there will be 4 Mr Tans to choose from.
god willing... we get the one most people want...
- U want 'god' to do for you what you can very well do your self???!!! God must be thinking: this lazy dumb ass there, too lazy to even raise a whimper, let him reap what he sows [definition] with a totally uncalled for result, more resources wasted, more (unnecessary) political manipulation and corruption.

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." ~ [Galatians 6:7 (KJV)]
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