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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mark Lynas: green activist or anarcho-capitalistic accomplice?

Mark Lynas: green activist or anarcho-capitalistic accomplice?
Green washing accomplice or green activist? Mark Lynas is someone stuck on the fence.
What about reducing private consumption? The large scale adoption of environmentally sustainable preoccupations such as home gardening (saves on transport/ travel/ wastage) and the consumption of organic food (reduced dependence on petroleum)?

What about the reduction of water pollution by companies whose profit margins reign king over better conscience?
What about improving world peace first, now that wars have become easy and cheap because there's more than sufficient nuclear waste floating around to fill as many war heads as there may arise conflict?
Playing god might be fun but lets not green wash reality. The throw-away, excessive consumption rate by the west as opposed to less developed countries is an unsustainable behavior that will quicken the extinction of our race. Stop pissing into the pool we all drink from and 'clean water' technologies of today would likely have not even been necessary in the first place.
Carbon capture: U want to make a gas behave?
Reduce, reuse, recycle- and a ton of restitution would then be saved.
And please STOP chopping down tropical rain-forest unless you think you can replace natural green lungs with 'carbon-capture'; which by then, you would have totally deluded yourself into thinking that you are really god.
And then judgement day would have come.

Playing God is good for the planet

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