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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Response to 'MysteryNotes', Re: A Question regarding the bible

Re: A Question regarding the bible

Originally Posted by MysteryNotes (29-11-2010, 11:41 AM ) View Post
I heard this question - and it got me thinking.
Anyway - Here's the question.
According to the bible(Genesis), god created Adam, and then created Eve from a rib.
Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel.(So if Eve was created from Adam(same DNA) wouldn't that be incest?)

As those of you who read the bible know, Cain killed Abel.
... ...
I'm quoting right from the bible.
I'm not making fun of religion, this is meant to be a debate.
All those that i quoted are straight out of the bible.
So it MUST be true.
Isn't it?
Originally Posted by spxdcp (29-11-2010, 11:52 PM ) View Post
... ...
Ok mysterynote! back to your questions :
1) Cain and Abel ...
2) Deuteronomy here is definitely out of context. ...
3)Again, that is under the dictations of the Law. ...
In the end, actually, you have to correctly divide the Word between the Old covenant and the New covenant, the difference being that the Old covenant has been fulfilled, and is now obsolete and is fading away. ... ... The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed!
My take on this 'Christianity' argument simply bows down to the question of 'evil'- i.e. how an all-knowing, all-powerful, and benevolent God (as defined by man) could allow 'evil' i.e. the 'serpent' to lurk in the Garden of Eden. Which then requires an exegesis of the story of Eden- which is also where the story of mankind 'starts' right?

My reading so far shows the discussion at: 'Why Did God Allow Satan To Tempt Adam + Eve?', quoted prose by a 'Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan(b1934- 83)' to be the most logical answer.

Parts of 'Why Did God Allow Satan To Tempt Adam + Eve?' is excerpted as follows:
The decision to partake of the Tree of Knowledge—to transcend his animal nature on a worldly plane—was a decision that man made as a matter of free choice.
As soon as man partook of the Tree of Knowledge, he knew good and evil. Morality became a matter of knowledge and conscious choice, rather than part of man’s basic nature. He would now have to wrestle with a new nature, where the animal and angel in him are in conflict.
But we can probe still further. We can ask: Why could man not have been made better? Why did God not make him into something that was more angel and less animal?
Here too, the fault was man’s. Our sages teach us that the prohibition against tasting the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was only temporary. Man’s spiritual nature was gradually developing in such a manner that he would have eventually been strong enough to master his animal instincts. When this time arrived, he could have partaken of the Tree of Knowledge without endangering his spiritual essence.
Man was indeed destined to be more angel and less animal. However, this was now to be a gradual process. It was aborted by man’s impatience, his partaking of “knowledge” before its time. It was this knowledge that brought him in conflict with his animal nature, and stunted his spiritual development, making the beast dominant.
This thread runs through the entire history of mankind. Man’s knowledge gave him a technology that could create instruments of destruction, but his moral strength was not great enough to avoid misusing them. ...

Still, the basic question does not seem to go away. Admittedly, man has an evil nature and it is his own fault. But why doesn’t God intervene? Why doesn’t He open up the heavens and stop all this evil? Why didn’t He send down a bolt of lightning and destroy the concentration camps? Why didn’t He send down some kind of manna for the starving babies of Biafra and Bangladesh? Why didn’t He stop the napalm bombs from burning innocent Vietnamese children? Why doesn’t He pull off a miracle and make all the world’s nuclear bombs disappear? After all, He is God. He certainly can do it. So why doesn’t He?
Ending with:
The most important thing to remember is that God is the ultimate good, and therefore, even the worst evil will eventually revert to good. Man may do evil, but even this will be redeemed by God and ultimately be turned into good. The Talmud teaches us that in this world we must bless God for both good and evil, but the in Future World, we will realize that there is nothing but good.
by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
This is admittedly not the simplest of prose to comprehend, neither do I vouch for its complete accuracy of interpretation, I'm just thinking that in comparison to the popular 'breeds' of 'selective and extremist Christianity' being preached today: e.g. prosperity gospel, this approach to the appreciation of all Abrahamic religions seems to be the most fulfilling if not harmonizing thus far- rather then preachers cherry picking Bible verses (n out of context also) to justify the quest for immediate gratification [e.g.].

Good day to all.

FYI, I trust no religious body who cannot give me a proper exegesis of the Bible starting from the story of Eve's temptation.
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