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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey MM Lee, we Singaporeans like your North Koreans are 'psychopathic types' too!

Hey Dear MM Lee, we Singaporeans like your North Koreans are 'psychopathic types' too!

Thanks to WikiLeaks revelation of MM Lee's comments to US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg at the Istana on May 30, 2009 ['WikiLeaks Exposes Kim Flab Jab'- The Diplomat,3Dec2010], or see [Razor TV Video], we now know that in MM Lee's opinion, North Koreans are ‘psychopathic types’ and their leader Kim Jong-il is a ‘flabby old chap who prances around stadiums seeking adulation.’
But aren't we Singaporeans quite the same too?

Here's how it could be so:
1) We continue believe in a main political party insincere in its efforts at upholding racial harmony.
- In GE1988, PAP govt used 39 parliamentary seats for its inaugural implementation of the GRC system of elections, the main purported reason for such being the achievement of inter-racial harmony and equality through the guarantee of minority MPs being elected to parliament. At inception, the effectiveness of 'ensuring minority representation' (referenced to actual resident minority proportions) with 13GRCs was 73.960% (see chart or post for date and calculation details), but this figure is projected to fall by 12.657% to 64.599% by GE2011 despite there being 1 more GRC in GE2011 as compared to GE1988 (due mostly to increased minority populations in Singapore- 1980s cf 2009).

- The negative side-effect of GRCs- i.e. the tendency of GRCs seats to take up parliamentary seats and thus reduce SMC seats; (reduction in SMC seats is disadvantageous to younger, smaller opposition parties and independents as these have neither the memberships not the funds to compete in large GRCs of 5-6members each- just little over 10% of all parliamentary seats were SMCs in GE2006, GRCs in addition are very much subject to the problem of gerrymandering to suite the incumbent during elections).
Despite the size of the Singapore parliament growing (marginally) between GE1988 and GE2006, from 81 to 84 MPs respectively [chart]. That same period saw the number of SMCs for contest however fall drastically- from 42 in GE1988 to 9 in GE2006, the reason for this being that across the board, GRCs had ballooned in size from 3MPs/GRC in GE1988 to uniformly 5 to 6MPs/GRC by GE2006.
Thus in the midst of the failing effectiveness of 'ensuring minority racial representation' by 12.657%, the prevalence of GRC MPs in parliament actually rose from 48.148%(GE1988) to 89.286%(GE2006): an increase of 85.441%.

Adding to the insincerity of the GRC system is the fact that upon demise of any GRC MP, even if it were to be the minority member, no by-election need be held. By this, the original premise of having GRCs in the first place has effectively been disposed.

It seems to me that the GRC system of elections is a policy built more so to suite the interest of PAP and its aversion to any political contest, rather than the original intentions of ensuring racial equality and harmony in Singapore.

2) We have complete adulation for our ex-Prime Ministers. They are elevated post-retirement firstly to the post of 'Senior Minister' and when the current PM retires, to the grand and royal appointment of 'Minister Mentor'. We pay them royally well too, 'MM(s)' and 'SM(s)' earning in 2008 S$3.7M each, a figure less than 1.6% below that of the Prime Minister's salary and a lofty 24% more than either of the 2 DPM's.

We must continually vote for them during elections no matter how sickl, old, tired or even confused they may look, for only current MPs are eligible
for a Cabinet appointment in Singapore. Imagine the shame and insult we would inflict upon ourselves should we not support the 'SM' or 'MM' and vote for them. Our change of heart would surely give the foreign press a field day with unpatriotic headlines like "Minister Mentor looses post, Singaporeans loose direction", "Minister Mentor dies in office, Nation set for chaos".

Perhaps our ex-PMs should take a leaf from the book of 4th and ex-Malaysian PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (b. 10July1925) who'd started his blog in May2008, and whose immensely popular blog to continues to engage and influence both Malaysian politics and the young in a discreet and elegant way. Tun Mahathir's blog will remain a historic and emblematic guiding light to his political followers if not the nation, long after his demise.

3) We believe that a paranoid and incompetent PM is the way to go, recall PM Lee's infamous election rally in the heart of town that state media reported as ['PM Lee says countries worldwide respect and admire Singapore's proven system' CNA:03May2006]: "...I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?...". PM Lee then threatened to fix the opposition, start vote buying and screw policy prudence if 10 or more opposition entered parliament. Me thinks that PM Lee has either improved upon his leadership skills or is perhaps pushing his own limits by the making of yet another promise, this time guaranteeing the presence of 9 opposition members in parliament, their status as mostly consolatory NCMPs notwithstanding.

4) Don't we all love puppetry of coat-tail MPs and the state bestowed culture of always voting for PAP Cabinet Ministers and their royal entourage?
According to ['THOUGHT OF THE MONTH- Top 5 reasons why we should retain the GRC system'- YPAP/ Fong Yoong Kheong, 11 May 2010, Updated 28June2010]>3) Electorate gets to vote Cabinet Minister> ... "The GRC system entitles more Singaporeans with a chance to directly vote for a Minister. This translates into empowerment of the people and a stronger voting power.", Singaporeans feel heard and honored in getting to vote for GRCs led by Cabinet Ministers, whom by their devious manipulation (see pt1 'GRC' above), have managed to guarantee themselves a Cabinet position even before the polls have been concluded- indeed are PAP Ministers divine in their ability to prophesy the future; crafty PAP politicians.
This contrasted with ['Singapore lifts whip on orchestrated parliament'- AFP 21Mar2002]: "The free vote is given to them when they make a request, and the Whip will consider. In the past it was simply: 'No you can't even request', he said." This only goes to show how dependent we now are upon our hierarchical cabinet to direct and instruct our untested coat-tail PAP MPs.

In most democracies, it is the winning MPs, having each attained the mandate of the electorate they represent that decide amongst those elected who and whom should become ministers and form the cabinet. It is perhaps 'uniquely Singapore' that each minister elects amongst his entourage whom is deserving of a 'coat-tail MP' post; see: ['GRCs make it easier to find top talent: SM' - ST 27 June 2006]. For these coat-tail MP candidates, the only work requirement in exchange for a plump pay check is probably that one's 'morals have been (thoroughly) washed with soap'; for those whose convictions tell otherwise, herd instinct and the parliament whip would dissuade any further significant political dissent.

So yes, we Singaporeans in allowing the PAP to manipulate and hyper-inflate the GRC system of elections to their unethical advantage, have implicitly endorsed PAP's current political dynasty. With so many coat-tail MPs around, I guess we are set to see many more SM, MMs, DPMs, ministers without portfolios in the PM's office needed to select, guide and defend coat-tail MPs from 'dark and evil opposition forces' late into their retirement years.
So in our own little way, we too have ‘flabby devious old chap(s) who prances around stadiums hyper-inflated the GRC system of elections to gerrymander and rig electoral systems (i.e.fix the opposition), buy supporter's votes, and make myopic decisions seeking adulation walkover elections, a pliable electorate, an endangered political opposition, pompous titles of political appointment and a salary scale second to no other democratic country’.

So Dear Mr MM Lee, we Singaporeans aren't so special after all, wouldn't you agree?
[Wikipedia: Kim Jong Il]
Majulah Singapura and a nice day to all.

Inspiration/ Motivation:
- Matthew 25:40: "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"- (NIV)
- "If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it. "~ Mother Teresa

- [wiki:gerrymandering#Singapore]
- 'The new authoritarianism': "More and more of us are willing to trade freedom for wealth or security... ... A modern form of authoritarianism, quite distinct from Soviet Communism, Maoism or Fascism, is being born. It is providing a modicum of a good life, and a quiet life, the ultimate anaesthetic for the brain." [Guardian, 1July2008]
- 'Don’t risk real freedom for short-term material gain': "Our civil liberties are in jeopardy and we are to blame. We have reduced democracy to the right to make and spend money... (in return for) a temporary blanket of security and what turned out to be an illusory prosperity" [The Times, 7Sept2009]


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  1. In short, the GRC system of ensuring inter-racial harmony and equality seems to be just another big damn lie.

    Has our PAP govt really bothered why most Malays remain employed as lorry drivers, office junior clerks, courier & despatch riders, security guards, fast food delivery boys and most of them seems to be unable to break through the vicious cycle of employment bias towards them ?

    Is our govt really keen to protect minorities' long term interests and what sort of actual achievements have been made in this regard ?