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Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Minister Mentor', a title foreboding pain rather than gain.

'Minister Mentor', a title foreboding pain rather than gain.
Thanks to WikiLeaks revelation that of MM Lee's description of N Korean leader Kim Jong Il as ‘flabby old chap who prances around stadiums seeking adulation.’ 'WikiLeaks Exposes Kim Flab Jab' [The Diplomat, 3Dec2010], or see [Razor TV Video]. What came to my mind was that the 'MM' title is an unnecessary one that ought not to be.
 According to 'THOUGHT OF THE MONTH- Top 5 reasons why we should retain the GRC system'[YPAP/ Fong Yoong Kheong Tuesday, 11 May 2010, Updated 28June2010]> 3) Electorate gets to vote Cabinet Minister> ... The GRC system entitles more Singaporeans with a chance to directly vote for a Minister. This translates into empowerment of the people and a stronger voting power.

If indeed the PAP intended to give people 'more voting power' then why maintain such a top heavy hierarchy in parliament? According to (or [link]) by salary scale, besides the President, the Prime Minister, MM, 2 SMs, the 2 DPMs all lie ahead of any full minister (see SG Cabinet Appointments for details); so what's the big deal voting for the Minister?

Normally, it is the MPs who elect the cabinet. However, it seems like in the case of Singapore and its coat tail MPs and GRC walkovers, its the Cabinet that elects the MPs.

According to 'Singapore lifts whip on orchestrated parliament'[AFP 21Mar2002]: "The free vote is given to them when they make a request, and the Whip will consider. In the past it was simply: 'No you can't even request',' he said."

Indeed in Singapore its the Ministers who elect coat-tail MPs through the exaggerated and hyper inflated GRC system of elections.

So would it not be correct to say that MM Lee is in some way also a ‘psychopathic type(s)’ and paraphrasing his own words, perhaps a ‘flabbyshaky old chap(s) who prances around stadiums the Cabinet seeking adulation.’

Perhaps MM Lee and the rest of the SM following in his footsteps ought to take a leaf from the book of 4th Malaysian PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad who'd started his blog in May2008, whose blog by quick glance holds no less than a strong following seems to set the example for how retired politicians ought continue with their intellectual engagements and leadership.

A Minister's job as I understand is a full time one, that means that MM Lee cannot hold any other jobs whilst he holds Cabinet appointment. This perhaps also means that earnings from his interview/ other speaker engagements should not add to his income as his primary occupation remains that of 'Minister Mentor'.

According to 'Barack Obama boosts presidential salary with $5 million in book sales' [The Times, 16Apr2010]: ".. the Obamas reported $5,173,777 in business income, most of it royalties from the continuing sales of only two books, the second of which was published four years ago.... ... In April 2008 the Clintons released combined income figures of $109 million for the eight years since Mr Clinton left the White House..."

Implicit in this situation is the suggestion that MM Lee, the 2 'Senior Ministers' either cannot earn more than their cabinet salaries through book sales, speaker engagements and the like, or that indeed these are just ‘flabbyshaky old chap(s) who prances around stadiums parliament seeking adulation’.

Whatever it is, the relationship between Singapore and N Korean has been drawn.

Leaders should learn to retire from power gracefully and dying in office isn't an honorable thing.

I cannot imagine the day that for cause of 'freak result', MM Lee looses his 'Minister Mentor' title because the people in his constituency decided to relieve him of his MP duties having worked the 'old man' so hard all these years.

Foreign press would have a field day reporting 'Minister Mentor looses job, Cabinet looses focus, Singaporeans now directionless' or worse 'The despair is palpable'.

The 'Minister Mentor' is thus set to die in service, how grand, but a reflection of Singapore's system hegemonic system of leadership renewal and lack of intellectual discourse.

Return the voice to the people, let them vote in their own MPs.
Let the Cabinet be formed by Ministers whom MPs decide are deserving to serve.

Let democracy return to Singapore.
Majulah Singapura.


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