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Monday, October 11, 2010

US should quickly place tariffs on Chinese goods to improve its own economy.

US should quickly place tariffs on Chinese goods to improve its own economy.
Their delays in doing so only tell me what a bunch of wafflers, parochial capitalist they are.
To instruct China to revalue the Yuan is going overboard and beyond the pale.

 You CANNOT order China what to do, but you can impose fair tariffs on Chinese goods (to the extent on what is fair to your citizens) by imposing tariffs at your OWN ports which are under your own control.
You may preempt China about your intentions however you may NOT order another sovereign state (China) to do your bidding (revalue Yuan).

Anyhow, China has 1.3B mouths to feed, and it is their opinion that keeping their factories humming is the way forward to that goal. Not everything China produces, though cheap, is fit for consumption though (lead paint toys, melamine milk, immediately come to mind).

Unlike Chinese leadership, US politics being premised much upon political donations from oil companies and the like, seems still mired in the navel gazing excesses of capitalism. Forgetting the option of pursuing proper causes such as environmentally sustainable farming/ industry, research and development, the US govt has been distracted to take the lowly road of blaming China for its economic woes- one which an informed Chinese leadership is ought to defend if not ignore.

Americans must learn to work properly and eat properly (stop eating unhealthy fast food). Farm subsidies for meat production and on other environmentally unfriendly farming methods used must end. Organic farming methods should get subsidies to secure soil integrity for the future of US farming and to prevent freshwater depletion.
Their third world cheap diets in fast food packaging must end; soya and other plant protein based diets ought reduce US healthcare costs, the population healthy and productive once again.

If the following article and picture perverse pursuit is the new face of America, then I'd say, that the end for the Americans is near.

In with tariffs to control American waist lines, out with American manipulation of foreign economies, in with innovation.
The American economy needs a revival.

God bless America.

- 'Woman aspires to be the world's fattest female': "Simpson, who is from New Jersey, tells Daily Mail that she aspires to be the fattest woman in the world.. .. Even her way of making a living sounds in line with what she is aspiring to do - she runs a website where people pay to watch her eat or wash her huge body." [A1news 16Mar2010]

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