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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reply to 'cancer81': 'US should quickly place tariffs on Chinese goods to improve its own economy. '

Reply to 'cancer81': 'US should quickly place tariffs on Chinese goods to improve its own economy. '

Dun mind the elaboration of my conspiracy theory which I've no reason to doubt.

Mosanto cannot force governments to purchase their products.
True, Monsanto cannot 'force' farmers not govts to buy their products. But they can 'buy out' the US politicians and thus the government which some label not a democracy but an oligarchy and now even a 'kleptocracy'. Whereby politicians are bought and mostly sold to the wealth of conglomerates/ the rich- and be paid to create policies profitable to lobbyist but detrimental to humanity without doubt.

Their environmentally/ humanly unsustainable modus operandi is as follows:
1) Manipulate the govt into funding the production of excess staples to feed their animal factories- where GM animals grow sickeningly fat, in abusive and unnatural conditions to yield intensive farmers/ agri businesses a quick profit, pay some taxes and make political donations. Arm-lock the politicians into more funding for intensive agriculture and farming, forgetting the environmental and water damage and the overfed local population plagued with cancers and heart disease.
2) Team up with food companies to churn out quick and instant meals, never mind their high trans fat content, never mind their low nutritional values, American conglomerates is all about profit through "faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper". Immediately gratifying as the profits may be, this mode of profit-maximizing through consumer ignorance and political manipulation has taken its toll on the American worker- many of whom have become slower, fatter, weaker, paid cheaper wages by virtue of their size and stupidity. I understand that there are 'healthy' 'calorie-free, fat-free' oil sprays being sold in the USA- not because oil is calorie free per se, but because regulations allow for anything less than 5.0 calories or 0.5g of fat per serving to be published as '0'. If this was not due to lobbying by agri/ food companies then what is?
3) And then till recently, the bankers and their sub-prime mortgages had a field day exploiting the American worker- leaving most in debt if not depressed and disabled by the still half resolved sub-prime mortgage crisis.
4) So having totally run down, bankrupted and worn out the average American consumer/ worker, what choice have American "faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper" conglomerates to do but to seek new lands to export their breed of exploitative capitalism- the life style of "faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper" that pays food and agri companies so well? How but through manipulation of world food commodity prices (US hyper production simply flooding of world markets, crashing food prices so as to cower the traditional farmer into either quitting his job or else buying into their unsustainable capitalistic concept of "faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper" where litigation reigns, and farmers and their governments too become beholden and subservient to the suppliers of copyrighted GM seed and supplies. "Faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper" is thus the American concept of colonization through bankruptcy and immediate gratification of the traditional farmer that would eventually drain the soul and spirit of any peaceful agri producing and consuming nation.
5) Nutrition is mostly lacking in these "Faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper" of novel concoction. Produce them as they may, but to use US govt funding to perpetuate their avarice through forcing traditional farmers to buy and be beholden to GM seed isn't something the world should look kindly to.

Non-rice, beef and poultry exporting countries have little problem with allowing these products into the market.
Taiwan, Japan, Korea who have these economic sectors have a lot of things to say about allowing import of these products.
Korea allowed it and then used their legislative hall to prevent the beef imports.
Japan still just imports the minimum amounts of rice. Beef, while allowed into the country it is checked with extreme prejudice. Taiwan had to resort to the same method used by Korea to block beef after the administration signed the agreement.
Of course, the lousy thing is that Taiwan does not even have a trade agreement with USA. Not even the TIFA...
Must we eat the meat of animals breed in abusive and unnatural conditions?
Why sell our dignity for the immediate gratification of cheap but nutritionally empty meat- not forgetting the pesticide load that the feed must contain. Methane and global warming is a non-issue?- yeah, because it's the next generation's problem, not ours.
About the Taiwan thing- think its just US-China big brother bully thing that is best resolved in another forum- your posting of links here on the issue would be helpful though.
Remember that most countries with agricultural sectors will impose tariffs on the same things being imported into their doors. The problems start when these nations negotiate FTAs with USA. The top priority of the negotiations are mostly concentrated on agriculture and automobile.
As mentioned, the US is intent in economically colonizing other countries with their shallow concept of "Faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper", where the concept of 'better' is nay discussed in the blind pursuit of soulless profit and wealth (avarice)- to which they have taken the soul out of farming as we have traditionally known and depended upon.

As for the flab problem. It really is down to education and culture. The results of effective education will go a long way to combating the flab
"Faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper" seems what rules America (wall street) today; would be good to see a nuanced China bring the American economy to its knees. But whatever the case may be today, I think the biggest challenge confronting humanity today is CO2 and the rise in sea levels. With a potential of up to 70metres sea level rise (prov figures) if all land-ice melted, which city or state would be able to withstand literally the sea of change? Neither the fat and slow Americans nor the obedient and studious Chinese would be able to escape sickness, poverty and hunger if not extinction in this instance.

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