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Sunday, August 8, 2010

SM Goh 5C's dun include 'Conscience'???

SM Goh 5C's dun include 'Conscience'???
Why the watered down term 'consideration'.
Could it be because PAP is feeling defensive about their excessive profiteering from the GRC system of elections.

Pls see A1 forum post: '12' the optimum number of (3 memb) GRCs for Singapore.
How not to "gripe" except by the disabling of one's conscience!

Perhaps PAP ministers can somewhat 'redeem' themselves by following in the ways of established billionaires: 'Oracle's Ellison, 40 Billionaires Pledge Wealth To Charity'

Aug 8, 2010:
SM Goh recasts the 5 Cs
Don't gripe; focus on career, comfort, children, consideration and charity, he says
By Zakir Hussain
SENIOR Minister Goh Chok Tong last night called on Singaporeans to spin their own Singapore Dream and live it, rather than focus on what he termed the Singapore Gripe.
While gripes about current concerns such as floods, high home prices, crowded trains and distance-based bus fares were understandable, he urged people to not lose sight of the many more things which are going well for Singapore.
'For instance, we have rebounded with a vengeance from last year's recession. Take a walk along Marina Bay and soak in the beauty and vibrancy.
'Look at the bright side of things and live your dreams. This is far healthier than to live the Singapore Gripe and drone on like vuvuzelas,' he told more than 1,000 residents at a National Day dinner in his Marine Parade ward.
Today, many young Singaporeans are well educated and have a good chance of attaining the five Cs of cash, credit cards, car, condominium and country club membership, provided there was good economic growth and they worked hard, he said.
But Mr Goh challenged them to go further, to dream larger not only for themselves but also for their community.
Read the full story in The Sunday Times.
>>Invest: Chasing the Singapore Dream

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- [WSJ, 4Aug2010]: 'Oracle's Ellison, 40 Billionaires Pledge Wealth To Charity' [link]

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