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Saturday, August 21, 2010

'He offered me $50 to keep quiet'

'Honest' Malay cop keeps job: "He offered me $50 to keep quiet" - Today, 12:01 PM

Although dis Malay S Sgt seems quite a silly clown: "I did not know what to do", I still think that he should be rewarded for his honesty at not accepting the $50 and bringing his bad subordinate (and the other 4 who accepted $50) to justice, unless there's more to his "unauthorized raid"- pls read on..., (See next post for trial outcome).

Me finds it sad that 5 in 6 policemen in this case were 'corrupt', n if not for the S Sgt refusing the $, they'd have been like the govt mafia conducting "unauthorized raids", robbing other bandits in the jungles of Singapore.
Pls give Staff Sergeant Zulkifli Mohamad some sort of promotion for his 'arrest' of 5 corrupt policemen even though he quite IMHO bungled his (illegal) raid on the illegal foreign worker hic. talent.

Perhaps our police are trying too hard to 'earn their keep' and satisfy their bosses.
Perhaps our junior policemen need a pay increase along with more on-job training- so they can better recognize contraband cigarettes- and not get caught out smoking them themselves.

- [Reuters5Apr2007]: "'If we don't do that ... corruption will set in and we will become like many other countries,' Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean was quoted as saying in the Straits Times last week."- 'Singapore ministers set for million-dollar pay hike' [link]
- [CNA:03May2006] 'Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says Singapore is at the top of its game because of a strong political system and quality leadership' [YouTube/@1m10s]

'He offered me $50 to keep quiet'
Cop charged with corruption for looting seized items in a raid and handing it to colleagues. -TNP

Thu, Apr 22, 2010
The New Paper
By Ho Lian-Yi
AFTER arresting an illegal immigrant, a police officer found $300 and a carton of contraband cigarettes.
Instead of turning in the loot, the cop shared the spoils with his colleagues.
He allegedly did so to keep them quiet.
These allegations have landed Sergeant Elvilin Tay Sheo Tang, 36, in hot water.
Tay faces five corruption charges for allegedly giving a $50 bribe each to four colleagues.
He had offered a fifth the same amount but the offer was rejected, reported The Straits Times.
The charges are serious enough that if convicted, Tay faces a fine of up to $100,000 and/or a jail term of up to five years on each of the five corruption charges against him.
It all started after a raid at a forested area off Seletar Range on Jan 24, 2008. The prosecution said that the raid itself was unauthorised but during the operation, the illegal immigrant was arrested.
Tay's group leader, Staff Sergeant Zulkifli Mohamad, accused Tay of handing out the contraband cigarettes at a birthday party later that day - at a police station.
Staff Sgt Zulkifli testified yesterday, on the first day of Tay's trial.
Even though he knew what was inside the package, Staff Sgt Zulkifli admitted he said nothing.
"I did not know what to do," he said in court.
This, despite saying a group leader should "act as a mentor" to his colleagues.
The men had been working together for about five months in Team Delta in Ang Mo Kio North Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC).
Staff Sgt Zulkifli said Tay had taken out the pack of contraband cigarettes while they were seated at a table in the rest area at Kebun Baru Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP) between1pmand 1.30pm.
Also present were two other officers, Special Constable Ng Han Long and Corporal Muhamad Hazim, who were also named as targets of the bribes.
That was their official rest period.
Staff Sgt Zulkifli said Tay showed them a carton of Texas 5 cigarettes, about 40cm long, unopened in clear plastic wrapping.
He said it looked to be contraband. Unlike cigarettes sold here, the cancer advisory was missing from the cigarette boxes Tay showed them.
Staff Sgt Zulkifli said he had asked Tay where he got the carton from. That's when Tay said it came from the "forested area" and he intended to give it to an NSman who was having his birthday that day as a present. So what did you say to Tay, asked Assistant Public Prosecutor S Puspha.
Staff Sgt Zulkifli said he could not recall if he replied or not.
But he thought the cigarettes should have been seized instead.
This was when Tay took out $50 and offered it to him, he told the court.
He claimed Tay asked him if he would "keep quiet" ifhe took the money.
Staff Sgt Zulkifli said he responded by asking him what he meant by offering him money.
"He replied that the illegal immigrant had a lot of money, and he had $300, enough to share with everyone," he said.
Staff Sgt Zulkifli added he did not see the $300, and he did not know if the money came from the illegal immigrant.
He said he saw Tay then wrap the carton of illegal cigarettes with old newspapers in the rest area. Money for cake
He said he eventually took the $50, passed to him by Constable Ng, but said that he accepted it only to buy a cake for the party.
He returned the money afterwards.
At around 3pm to 4pm, he went to the canteen in Ang Mo Kio North NPC, where the birthday celebration for the NSman was being held.
This was after he settled another case.
Staff Sgt Zulkifli said he saw that the birthday boy had a rectangular box wrapped in newspaper, similar to the shape of the contraband cigarettes.
Tay's lawyer Victor Yip, asked him why he didn't prevent the contraband cigarettes from being given as a gift.
Staff Sgt Zulkifli told the court: "I did not know what to do because what Sgt Tay was doing was wrong, and I knew if I were to bring the matter up, he may face consequences."
He accepted Mr Yip's statement that after an arrest is made, there should be an account given of the items seized.
Then why his hesitance?
"Because Tay is my colleague and it is different from other cases where an arrrest was made," he said.
This article was first published in The New Paper.

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