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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The PAP Problem of overheating peasant salaries.

[ST-15Jul2010]: '100,000 foreign workers needed: PM': "If we don't allow the foreign workers in, you are going to have overheating." [link]
Why does PM Lee want SG to become a country of cheap labour- that he eschews the proportional 'overheating' of Singaporean's salaries in tandem with an equally 'overheated' economy?
That is because over worked and under paid low cost workers are generally most obedient to govt propaganda and have little in terms of time nor resource question government agenda.
Only before overworked low wage workers can ruling party hold votes ransom with threats of "solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges", "spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them (opposition)" or "buy supporters votes" [YouTube] .
In any case, the Singapore PM's salary is remains tagged to the highest paid CEO salaries of the land [pict chart], and any well paid sweatshop CEO would tell you that company profits are driven by cheap labour costs.

There are of course non-sweatshop CEOs, but I think PAP ministers are far from that league, and neither are their presence significant in Singapore- and so we revert.

No surprise that PAP has decided that a hardworking yet unthinking populace would be most favorable to a continuous PAP rule, not to mention the rich returns such obedient populace routinely bring their masters.

So the PAP profits from the manipulation of people; the economy would also never really overheat because the people remain obedient to what the PAP says- e.g. please pay higher GST/ property taxes etc.

Indeed, the PAP has well taken a leaf from the dictatorial book of :

- [A1forums:16Jun2010 ] (Global warming): Having babies today is cruel: The future is bleak. [link]
- [ST-15Jul2010]: '100,000 foreign workers needed: PM': "If we don't allow the foreign workers in, you are going to have overheating." [link]
- [TR: 15July2010] 'PAP ministers expected to get massive pay rise due to “strong” economic growth' [link]
- [CNA:03May2006] 'Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says Singapore is at the top of its game because of a strong political system and quality leadership' [YouTube/ full video]
- []: 'The Greed of Singapore's Rulers' [link]
- [George Orwell/ Animal Farm] "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." [wiki]
- [Acronyms- PAP]= Plunder And Prosper? Or Power And Profit? No its Profit Against Principle and Profit Above People! Politics Against Principle.
- A parting song: Forever Young (With Lyric and Sing along) - MrBrown Show Production [YouTube link]

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