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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

George Yeo calls for patience in Ionescu case

George Yeo calls for patience in Ionescu case
Updated 07:22 PM Jul 05, 2010
by Ong Dai Lin
SINGAPORE - Foreign Minister George Yeo has asked Singaporeans to be patient, reiterating the need for due process in resolving the two hit-and-run accidents involving former Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu.
Romanian prosecutors said last week that Ionescu will face trial for charges of homicide, causing physical injuries and making false statements.
Mr Yeo said this latest development is in accordance with Romanian law and the Eastern European country is keeping the Singapore authorities informed on the progress of the case.
He said the Republic "will extend all our assistance which is within our law and which is required by their law".
"So, observing due process is absolutely important, both in Singapore and in Romania. It means going through what is required step by step and, sometimes, holding back our desire to make comments or to do things which we may regret later," he said.
Mr Yeo was speaking to reporters at a People's Association event at Bedok Reservoir.
The date of Ionescu's trial has not been set and he will remain in custody until then.
Ionescu, 50, is alleged to have hit three pedestrians in two hit-and-run accidents in December while driving a car belonging to the Romanian Embassy in Singapore.
One of the victims, a Malaysian, died, while two others suffered injuries.
Ionescu has publicly denied he was the driver, claiming the car was stolen.
While Romanian prosecutors have stated that the claim "does not conform to reality", he will fight the charges against him, his lawyer Maria Vasi was quoted by the media as saying.
She has also been quoted as saying her client is keen to compensate the victims - only because he was supposed to oversee the use of the embassy car.
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