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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lim Swee Say: if you’re ‘betterer’ today, strive to be ‘betterest’

better, ‘betterer’ and ‘betterest’:
Lim Swee Say: if you’re ‘betterer’ today, strive to be ‘betterest’

PAP Minister without portfolio Lim Swee Say who has the propensity of making embarrassing gaffes shocked Singaporeans again with yet another “improvisation” of the English language.
Speaking to reporters on the Customer-Centric Initiative, Mr Lim urged every worker in the service sector to adopt a productivity target and to strive to be the best.
“If every one of us in the service sector in Singapore can adopt the same mindset, in terms of having a service quality target, a productivity target, an innovation target – maybe with the three coming together, there is hope we can achieve a breakthrough in a very widespread manner.”
He added that with stiff global competition, gunning for gold is now not good enough.
“If you’re the best today, strive to be better. If you’re better today, strive to be ‘betterer’ and if you’re ‘betterer’ today, strive to be ‘betterest’ so that over time, Singapore’s service standards can just keep getting better, ‘betterer’ and ‘betterest’”, he was quoted as saying in Channel News Asia.
Mr Lim, who is also NTUC Secretary-General, is famous for coining the phrase “cheaper, better and faster” to exhort Singaporeans to increase their competitiveness in 2007. A few weeks later, Mr Lim received a massive 60 percent pay rise from the PAP. He is set to receive a 8.8 percent pay hike this year.
Though Mr Lim is not in charge of any ministries, he earns more than $2 million dollars a year, or 4 times the annual salary of U.S. President Barack Obama, thanks to the “generosity” of Singapore taxpayers.

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