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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Re: Topics on religion raise the red flag

My reply to 'fifteen', Re: Topics on religion raise the red flag.
Originally Posted by fifteen, 9Jun2010, 11:33 AM View Post
First of all the disclaimer - I am not a supporter of any religion or religious groups and organizations.
But I respect the social harmony this country is enjoying in a nation so diverse in culture and religion by people from different race groups.
This forum has seen an increase in the discussion of topics related to religion and religious leaders, particularly the church.
Religion is a hot potato. The internet is an easy target for hate groups. It is also a convienent breeding ground for organized hate crimes.
I understand it is the policy of Asiaone Forum not to allow a dedicated religion thread due to its sensitivity nature. It seems that this policy has been compromised through the opening of the backdoor.
Hi Dear, it's called a 'disclosure', not a 'disclaimer', why are U so defensive?

Your definition of "social harmony" remains similarly over-defensive in so far as your title reads "Topics on religion raise the red flag".

The question here is whether A1 forums remains an organized and managed forum, effectual in maintaining cordial inter-racial/ cultural/ religious dialogue, religious understanding, the bedrock upon which our hallowed "social harmony" resides.

Forums are an effectual means of open and transparent communication, sharing of knowledge, with involved moderators to maintain the peace and effectual progress of discussion. This is a favorable situation as compared to one sided niche websites that facilitate little in way of discussion nor mutual edification in their quest to hold an audience captive with the inherent propensity toward one sided agendas and nefarious outcomes- which in the internet age of today, are almost impossible to effectively contain, likewise the long term socio-economic impact of 'new' and powerful religious 'charity' organizations, the recent S$310M acquisition being case in point.

To restrict the open sharing of opinions about the transparency of such large and 'sky-line' changing acquisitions would merely suppress the normal course of progress whereby deficiencies in policy/ practice are adequately dealt with.
Originally Posted by fifteen, 9Jun2010, 05:01 PM View Post
...However, the law is effectual regardless. Whosoever "wantonly breach the basic ground rules", then he is at risks of infringement. ...
Thanks for stating the necessary. Point being, there no point in stymieing the wheels of progress in respect to mature and informed discussion- which where well guided, can only be a good thing for the future of Singapore and this world we currently reside in.
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