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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A1 forum software error/ security hacked?

Originally Posted by amfreeaccess View Post
Hi, I'm BicCherry, but when I log in, it says:
Welcome amfreeaccess  You last visited Today at 12:50PM
So this post is to check if there's a software lapse at the A1 forums with 'amfreeaccess' account and mine.

When checking the 'user CP' function, I was able to access 'amfreeaccess' avatar and signature.

This security breech involving the privacy of 'amfreeaccess' is unacceptable and I hope that the same is not occurring for mine.

A1 forums, please do something about this unacceptable state of affairs if indeed I'm posting as 'amfreeaccess'.

Nope, I think the account have not been hacked into...

If you understand database, you will know that a quick search is by using index tables. When you have a corrupted index table, this happens. The Admin just have to do a re-index which is part of a normal back-up to get the index correct again. It had happened to me before. Wait awhile and login again...
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